Enhance your business with Microsoft Azure App Service

Enhance your business with Microsoft Azure App Service

Ever since its launch, Microsoft Azure App Service has been the talk of the web world.  An integrated cloud service that helps in building mobile and web apps quickly and easily for any platform or device, it was developed in line with the true spirit of the Microsoft motto of ‘mobile first, cloud first’.

Azure App Service benefits

Built for developers, Microsoft Azure App Service’s focus is the quick development of mobile and web apps. Besides assisting the provision and deployment of web and mobile apps rapidly for employees or customers, the service helps in building appealing iOS, Android and Windows apps using the existing language skills.

The inbuilt connectors help in unlocking your data by connecting to any services.

Using a simple visual design experience, you could automate business processes in short time and incorporate data across clouds in Microsoft Azure App Service. The best thing about the service is that you could constantly look at improving the apps without bothering about the infrastructure. Above all, you don’t have to break your head over the security of the data – there is provision for easily managing and securing the data flowing into the apps. There are inbuilt backup and restore features to protect the data.

The big solution for difficult business applications

With Azure App Service, it is possible to build apps that scale automatically on a load balancing platform. Secured with Active Directory, these apps connect to your on-premises resources. Besides allowing to function, the applications are consistently on a self-healing and auto-patching cloud platform, the service ensures back up and restoration in case of any recovery needs. The service is also ISO, SOC2 and PCI compliant.

Are you looking to host your corporate site efficiently?

If you are an enterprise mulling the hosting of your corporate website, Azure App Service can be of great help. It assists in the rapid scaling of web apps and thereby fulfilling the requirement across the datacenters worldwide. Besides these, the service also provides local reach, fault tolerance and efficient traffic management which will help you big time as a business venture.

Low-cost yet efficient sites for small-time businesses

If you own a small-time business and are looking to host your site for a lesser cost keeping in mind the future growth, then Azure App Service could be the best option. The best thing about Azure App Service is that you can start using it for free. In case of any addition of more capabilities in future, you could do that as well, whenever you need them. You could start with the domain provided by the service, which has an application gallery and integrated deployment and management tools. With the growing user demand, you could also explore the various service and scaling options.

Are you a web or graphic designer?

If you are a web or a graphic designer who would like to design and develop websites for your customers, then Azure App Service has a number of advantages. The service allows you to work with popular languages like .NET, PHP, Node.js, and Python. It also assists you to scale up to different levels depending upon the need. Another aspect of Azure App Service that may be of importance to you if you are a web or graphic designer is that it helps in integrating with other services of Azure such as SQL Database, Service Bus and Storage, and tools like Visual Studio, Git, WebMatrix, WebDeploy, TFS, and FTP.

Are you using Azure app service for your business? Comment on how Azure benefits you.

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Author : Letterbug Date : 23 May 2016