Enhance your marketing potential by upgrading to Sitecore 9.0

Sitecore 9.0 is all set to give contextual marketers some interesting new advantages to work with. The new features, including personalization and machine learning (ML), makes the platform more user-friendly with increased accessibility and better scalability. For the marketing team, Sitecore 9.0 can:

  • Connect and provide all tools on a single platform with a single database, yet have the ability to provide omni-channel benefits
  • Provide rich data by centralizing all personal data collected from multiple sources and best-of-breed systems
  • Offer intelligent insights from Machine Learning Intelligence
  • Enable real-time personalization by utilizing rich customer data
  • Deliver experiences across the various channels of IoT
  • Leverage Cloud and IoT to deliver better marketing experiences

The benefits of Sitecore 9.0 also extend to the IT team and developers across the board. These include:

  • The ability to integrate with anything through Sitecore XConnect
  • Flexible deployment, be it on-premise or Cloud of any kind to suit your organization’s functioning.
  • Enterprise grade applicability and scalability prospects
  • Easy configuration with a wide range of familiar databases enabled by Microsoft and other technology stacks
  • Real-time assistance provided by Sitecore’s developer community

Each of these upgrades can help your organization rethink its data, Cloud and commerce strategies to give your marketers an upper hand in all that they do. Since Sitecore has made migration from legacy versions easy, it has minimized concerns of downtime during upgrades.

A sneak-peak at some of the new features of Sitecore 9.0:

  1. Simpler Web Forms that Capture More Information

The previous web forms are now replaced (without doing away with them completely) with a simple system that features a drag and drop layout. These forms are reusable which would mean your marketers get to spend less time designing forms. The new upgrade allows for formats such as surveys, questionnaires and even sign-up forms.

The customized information thus collected enables the marketers to prepare better for subsequent campaigns.

  1. Seamless digital and offline interactions between customers and brands

Sitecore 9.0’s new features work extensively on data collection and its use as well as creating seamless interactions across the board. Here is how:

  1. CRM marketers will now have access to be better and centralized data thanks to the unified API XConnect. It’s about to support the Internet of Things (IoT) is an added benefit.
  2. The new Sitecore JavaScript Services makes way for non-Sitecore experts, particularly those working on the front-end, to work on projects without being experts in Sitecore.
  3. Sitecore’s Headless feature now allows for the content created on Sitecore to be shared and published to external platforms such as apps, fitness devices as well IoT. This increasing visibility for marketing content.
  4. The Sitecore Marketing Automation Visual Campaign Builder tool brings together email marketing, web forms as well as CRM. It comes with pre-loaded templates and is a place where leads can be generated through customized campaigns facilitated by its drag-and-drop functionality.
  5. Sitecore brings ML into the picture with its feature Cortex which enables Sitecore to give your audience a customized and well-targeted Insights generated from here will help you win new customers as well as test run and optimize content to increase leads. The primary benefit is better connection with the right crowd aided by a quicker and more effective marketing campaign.

These are the core benefits for marketers and IT developers from Sitecore 9.0. Sitecore 9.0 also has numerous other features which include better analytical and reporting tools, as well as improved mobile device detection and an all-inclusive Geo-IP detection. These upgrades makes Sitcore much more than a great content management cum marketing tool and performance platform. It now delivers an integrated and digital customer experience platform with the ability to be seamless in terms of interaction. 

So now that you know why the latest version of Sitecore is an ideal enterprise marketing tool, are you ready to make the transition?  If yes, write to us to experience a risk free and seamless transition to Sitecore 9 without facing any disruptions. Our consultants would ensure that you enjoy continuous support and resources along with rapid scalability.

Author : DSouza Ruth Date : 19 Jun 2018