How SalesforceIQ becomes the Smart CRM for your business


Success in today’s fast paced business environment requires a high level of focus and prioritization. Cutting edge tools that take the workforce to this direction are worth its weight in gold. In such a context, Salesforce’s acquisition of RelateIQ, ‘a relationship intelligence platform’ enables Salesforce CRM to turn “smart,” with predictive capabilities. SalesforceIQ is a fusion of the traditional Salesforce and Sales Cloud with the RelateIQ product, to deliver “predictive customization” that analyzes the requirements as evident from the available data, and prods the executive in the right direction. It also facilitates seamless sync and automation of several manual tasks, boosting productivity and enabling efficient prioritization.

The product is especially useful for small businesses that do not have the means to invest a sizable amount for a customized CRM. The cloud based delivery model and the simplified setup further plays into the hands of small businesses that look for a simple yet powerful CRM.

What is SalesforceIQ?

There is often confusion on the difference between SalesforceIQ and Wave Analytics, especially since Salesforce positions both products as “data-driven.” Both products are distinct add-ons that enhance core CRM capabilities. Wave Analytics leverages Salesforce’s Analytics Cloud offered data-driven shortcuts, facilitate data visualizations, and enable direct access to CRM functionalities from reports. SalesforceIQ on the other hand, is more geared to efficiency, meant to link email, calendar, calls, and other customer interaction tools with the CRM, to offer a clear and integrated support for each sales account, and makes the workflow smooth and seamless.

Seamless Sync

SalesforceIQ facilitates “intelligent relationship management,” allowing marketers to automate data related processes, and prioritize effectively, without wasting time. It also facilitates lucid customization of the workflow, integrating the CRM with other systems.

Connecting SalesforceIQ to the Gmail or Exchange account captures and updates details of all emails in the CRM, and places the available data at the right area automatically, without the sales executive having to jump back and forth, trying to place data in the right place manually. SalesforceIQ ensures the collected data reaches the right place, freeing up sales executives to do tasks that deliver real results.

Advantages of SalesforceIQ

  • Brings in information from calls, emails, calendar, and also other software such as HubSpot and MailChimp and Salesforce Pardot into the CRM.
  • Updates the CRM records based on the information pulled in from the email inbox and the above sources
  • Analyzes the emails and surface the emails or information at the right time, and in the right context, making it possible to craft the perfect response, covering all points.
  • Issues predictive notifications and timely reminders for important emails that require immediate reply.

The Relationship Intelligence technology that syncs all information seamlessly makes explicit to the salesperson, interactions other team members have already had with a particular contact. As such, a second cold call, what would have been a major gaffe, could be converted into a warm introduction. The salesperson, already aware of the interaction history, could take the deal forward, without trying to reinvent the wheel, creating all round confusion and customer frustration, in the process.

Adam Evans, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of RelateIQ remarks about SalesforceIQ “I don’t have to worry about anything. The system just takes care of it for me.”

The seamless and automatic sync allow salespersons to focus their energies on building relationships and making sales, without being bogged down by administrative and clerical tasks, such as sorting emails, manually entering appointments, setting reminders, and other tasks. It also helps to accelerate the sales pipeline and convert leads faster, invaluable in today’s fast paced world.

Enhanced Capabilities

 A key benefit of SalesforceIQ is the advanced features on offer.

  • Automated logging capabilities ensure all processes are stored automatically, making it possible for managers and others to track workflows and processes, as and when required.
  • Read notifications to users, when clients open emails, enable engaging with prospects at the right time, with the right follow-up.
  • Email templates, with pre-crafted text snippets, and ability to attach files from cloud storage make the task of sending email easy and seamless.
  • Email invitations with dynamic calendar widgets, which display calendar availability in real time, make the task of scheduling appointments very easy.
  • An organized view of all past interaction and activity history offer deep insight and control, for scheduling and conducting client meetings.
  • Intelligent reminders for tasks such as following up on customer questions and preventing conversations from growing cold. This contributes to a higher conversion rate. Intelligence Fields such as “Inactive Days,” and “Days in Current Status” makes explicit the opportunities that require attention.

These features boost the productivity of the sales executive manifold and enhance the core CRM considerably.

Mobile Capabilities

SalesforceIQ also comes with mobile capabilities, perfectly suiting the needs of today’s mobility driven workforce. Using Salesforce IQ, the salesperson can work through their smartphones, without sacrificing productivity in any way.

The SalesforceIQ mobile app and Chrome extension offer instant access to all CRM data. Smart “send” tools streamline email on the go coupled with dynamic scheduling, that allows scheduling meetings easily, without the salesperson having to spend so much effort in the process. Setting email templates for commonly sent messages makes it very easy to send emails.

Dynamic Reports

SalesforceIQ offers out-of-the-box and customizable reporting capabilities to empower salespersons, managers, and other stakeholders with data-driven insights about individual and team performance. The intuitive reports offer full visibility into the activities of every opportunity, customer, and contact, enabling key stakeholders to remain in control of the process.

Businesses that deploy SalesforceIQ can expect a huge positive transformation. Setting up SalesforceIQ is easy, and takes just a few minutes. Once set up, Salesforce IQ keeps deals updated, and automates the “e-paperwork” leaving marketers free to focus on what they should be doing – making new sales.  The Relationship Intelligence technology takes over and facilitates closing more deals faster, right from the word go.

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Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 28 Dec 2016