Why enterprise mobility apps may just become the next big thing in computing

Enterprise Mobile Applications (EMAs) provide a platform for the employees to use their mobile computing devices such as smartphones and tablets for work. These apps provide access to organizational systems and real-time organizational data through mobile devices. At the back-end, it infuses mobility to the business data, migrating data to cloud storage so that it remains online round the clock and can be accessed from anywhere easily.

Most EMAs serve a specific vertical business need such as inventory management, product management, marketing, etc. An employee may, for instance, check on the store inventory, schedule production, assign work, set up duty roasters, update customer information, approve purchases, monitor sales, or do much more using EMAs.

EMAs may be the next big thing in computing. IDG Research Services estimates that 70% of organizations are already using or plan to use EMAs.
A recent survey conducted by Wipro in North America reveals that about 85% of senior IT and business leaders expect EMAs to add value to work and 93% of them expect EMAs to increase sales.

The obvious reason for the popularity is EMAs allowing employees to work from anywhere, anytime. This has many benefits.

  • It increases productivity.
  • It allows customers to reach their contact in the enterprise at any time, leading to better customer satisfaction. Many customers in today’s digital era expect instant responses. About one in ten customers expect a response within fifteen minutes and about one in three customers expect a response within the hour.
  • It improves the businesses’ agility, enabling the employee to take advantage of situations as they emerge and quicken decision making.
  • It offers flexibility to the employee and allows them to telecommute seamlessly.
  • It allows employees to collaborate and coordinate with one another easily. Employees, for instance, do not have to stay back in office to video conference with a colleague situated in another time zone.
  • EMAs offer the best of both worlds—the portability of cloud computing and the enhanced power and functionality of local access.
Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 24 Jun 2013