EPiserver 7 CMS—the answer to providing great online experiences

The EPiserver 7 CMS attempts to bring in a host of rich features under one roof that facilitate building simpler and effective sites. Let us look at why this platform could be the one-stop solution to your web needs.episerver cms 7

Experience as you build:

The rigmarole of going back and forth from the edit and preview mode until an optimum design layout is reached would be a matter of the past with this version of the CMS. The design elements of the new EPiserver 7 CMS allow you to experience the content as would a visitor even as you build it. The Drag and Drop feature lets you experiment with the layout; making content building a breezy experience.

Consistent with all devices:

Haven’t we, as customers, fretted over different viewing experiences for a particular website depending on whether we are using a desktop, phone or a tablet? As a marketer, this platform is your perfect solution for it efficiently irons out the inconsistencies for the customer by letting him experience all the functionalities of the site irrespective of the device he is working with. The responsive design of this CMS lets you build one content and re-use it across multiple devices and channel in a manner as simple as a click of a button.

Digital Marketing becomes easier:

Delivering relevant content to the customer based upon their interests aka the search history is a definite method to ensure repeated visits. As per Forrester Research, 70% of marketing executives believe personalization to be of strategic importance to their business. Targeted and personalized content ensure more traffic to your website, resulting in higher rates of conversion and consequently generating higher revenue.

The intuitive platform of EPiserver 7 CMS with add-on store features allows the marketer to push the right information through targeted visitor group and provide real-time insights using Google Analytics and help in putting out content across multiple social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
A brief overview of some of the add-on store features could help us understand better how these help in making a difference in digital marketing and social media reach.

SEO Manager:

The SEO or the Search Engine Optimization Manager ensures that your visitors get the best search results through URL management, by indexing moved pages, optimizing search results from Google Analytics and showing only relevant information.

Visitor group:

We talked about how personalizing content ensures higher and better traffic, resulting in more conversion. This out-of-the-box tool in EPiserver helps to create target groups, based on the search criteria, number of items in the cart, the number of visits and the referring URLs. A drag-and-drop feature enables the author or marketer to create multiple target groups too.

Google Analytics:

Business models often depend on the statistics derived from the visitor behavior on the site via the referring URLs, the number of clicks, the content most-often viewed, purchase history, etc. The marketers can obtain such key insights through the Google Analytics add-on in EPiserver that would help them understand what works and what does not.

Social Reach:

Building a customer base via social media channels has become an integral part of every business. However, promoting and controlling your content on the various social media channels can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task if done separately at each level. With EPiserver’s Social Reach, you can control the content across all the channels through a single window. While the content that goes out on each media channel can be personalized, the scheduling and tracking of content and responses can be done centrally.

Multi-utility features:

EPiserver provides multiple value-added services like managing content for multiple languages across global market through extended workflow capabilities. Several payment gateways make payment smoother and easier for the customers. Automated approvals for workflows and getting a quality check done for the content before it is published are some of other handy features that makes this platform very useful for large businesses.

It is clear that EPiserver 7 has been designed to make the complex task of creating and managing content across multiple sites and channels easier for the marketers and at the same time creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for the customers. This platform easily qualifies to be the first preference for marketers who want to embed various functionalities within a site in a hassle-free manner, even as they provide a great online experience to the customers.

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Author : admin Date : 09 Apr 2015