Episerver makes key investments in User Generated Content and Distributed Order Management to fortify its Digital Experience Cloud

Digital Experience Cloud

Episerver, a global provider of a single platform for digital commerce and content, has partnered with Stackla and OrderDynamics to take customer experience to a higher scale. They have launched enhanced user-generated content (UGC) and a distributed order management system (DOMS) as part of their current platform.

The UGC approach takes into account the human psychology of accepting peer recommendations and reviews than just written content. But it is not possible to rely on only customer review for the authenticity of a product.  Stackla’s enhanced UGC makes available accurate content as well as peer recommendations, so that marketers can use to the relevant information at the right time.

 Justin Anovick, VP of Product at Episerver asserts UGC to be one of the best ways to create unique, engaging digital experiences.  “UGC, powered by Stackla, finally makes discovery and curation manageable for brand marketers and merchandisers because of the combination of both content and commerce capabilities in our single, unified platform.” he says.

There are two versions of Episerver UGC available. The advanced edition offers additional functionality for content rights management, automated visual recognition, and advanced geolocation discovery. Episerver Social incorporates ratings and reviews whereas Episerver Personalization Suite uses algorithms and behavioral site search. The end result is an enhanced customer experience and reduced rate of abandoning of shopping cart.

Episerver UGC is not just limited to ecommerce websites. Episerver customers can include enhanced user generated content to campaigns as well.

Joey Moore, director of product marketing at Episerver analyses the current customer expectations. Customers expect their digital experience to match with the frequency of them moving across channels. Episerver has partnered with OrderDynamics to address this complex omnichannel commerce.  The DOMS powers advanced order orchestration, intelligent inventory sourcing and product information management features in the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™.

“Our partnership with Episerver brings world-class applications together, to offer retailers a complete solution that makes omnichannel a winning proposition.” Says Nick McLean, Chief Executive Officer of OrderDynamics.

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For more information on Stackla, please visit www.stackla.com and Orderdynamics at www.orderdynamics.com.

Author : Preetha Tojy Date : 07 Aug 2017