Episerver emerging as market leader with Optivo acquisition


Episerver combines digital commerce with digital marketing to enable organizations to provide their customers with a unique digital experience, keeping track of business results at the same time. The digital cloud experience, commerce, multichannel marketing, content and predictive analysis on a single platform let’s businesses work full-circle online. It supports lead generation through conversion and encourages repeat business, and makes intelligent and interactive real-time personalization possible. Episerver has put powerful tools in place to help digital leaders to craft transformational strategies to engage their customers.

Optivo is a global leader in omnichannel campaign management and email marketing solutions. Optivo empowers brands to engage their customers on one-on-one basis across multiple channels. Using Optivo’s omnichannel capabilities, marketers can create, execute and measure their campaigns via rich dialogue with customers through sms, email, fax, print, push and web channels. Brands build contextually relevant experience for their customers using Optivo’s multi-channel tools that help them build effective campaigns that convert into sales and build a strong and loyal customer base.

Acquisition of Optivo by Episerver in October 2016 has opened up exciting new markets for Episerver to help strengthen its Digital Experience Cloud platform. According to Mark Duffell, President and CEO of Episerver, Optivo will help Episerver’s customers to form a mental picture of their merchandising and marketing strategies and execute them more effectively. Also, organizations will be able to attract and convert customers by raising the standards of engagement and customer care in real time.

Optivo’s acquisition follows Episerver’s acquisition of Peerius, an intelligent cloud omnichannel personalization provider. These acquisitions enable Episerver to identify and interact with customers and anonymous visitors across platforms, anticipate their behavior and engage with them one-on-one.

Benefits of Optivo acquisition

Right message to right customer: Optivo’s multichannel campaign management tools enable Episerver’s customers to create context-based customer data to execute relevant interactions with customers. This ensures that right message is sent across to the right customer at the right time.

One-on-one customer engagement: According to recent survey conducted by Forrester marketers expected to face following challenges in next couple of years-

  • 52% respondent’s biggest challenge would be, understanding customer behavior across multiple devices and channels.
  • 38% respondents stated their challenge would be real-time interactions, customer engagement and loyalty, responding to online and offline interaction.
  • 40% respondents see attributing marketing performance across interactions as a challenge.
  • 33% respondents think acquiring new customers would be a challenge while 26% respondents see retaining customers as a challenge.

Optivo helps track customer behavior pattern and predict their possible next move. This enables digital marketers using Episerver to not only manage their campaigns the right way but also optimize customer response pattern across channels and encourage one-on-one customer engagement, enhance customer service experience, after sales, and attract customer loyalty in long-run.

Marketing Automation: Many organizations fail to achieve their marketing automation initiative because of complex integration or data silos across multiple platforms. Optivo brings in exciting next-generation marketing capabilities into email marketing arena. With Optivo offering personalized and automated email marketing campaigns, result analysis and marketing strategy optimization, long-term customer loyalty, up-selling and cross-selling offers, Episerver’s customers will now enjoy a host of tools to win back inactive customers with marketing automation.

Enhancing customer communication: Many companies consider email marketing as a powerful strategy and an important communication channel to establish meaningful communication with their customers. Services like MailChimp that store customer data within their systems run a risk of creating data silos and sometimes render marketing campaigns useless with isolated data. Episerver customers can develop a more powerful and seamless communication experience utilizing Optivo’s omnichannel capabilities. Marketers have an advantage to combine SMS and push messaging to establish efficient and effective communication with customers building long-term and meaningful customer relationship. Winning back inactive customers by triggering their interest with optimized email marketing strategies is an exciting tool in the hands of Episerver’s customers thanks to Optivo.

Strengthening Episerver platform: Acquisition activities and multiple mergers are strong indicators of powerful and healthy company. With each acquisition, Episerver, a market leader with powerful CMS platform is adding value to their services for their customers to enjoy, explore and implement powerful solutions. 

Rather than wasting resources to build a new platform to provide their customers efficient functionalities, Episerver has chosen to acquire ‘best of the breed’ platforms to focus their resources and energy to achieve desired results while enhancing their customer experience. This business strategy is strengthening Episerver to offer the best customer service in the market today.

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Author : Poonam Sambargikar Date : 27 Dec 2016