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digital experience with Episerver

A blend of digital commerce, content and marketing on a single platform – that’s Episerver for you! Lauded particularly for its holistic vision, Episerver is touted as the only platform that integrates these three significant elements on a single screen.

Episerver has been leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure to bring a dynamic perspective to deliver unique digital experiences. These experiences form the cornerstone for businesses to respond to customer behavior and offer real-time, relevant content and recommendations.

To take full advantage of Microsoft Azure, Episerver offers its services in PaaS model. Known for its stability and ease of use, it is a unique platform that creates fulfilling digital experiences. Let us look at some of the specific features:

1. Increased productivity for merchandisers

Marketers today are constantly facing the challenge of reaching out to the right audience before their competitors do. Episerver identifies this challenge and provides immense scope for marketers to piece together all the elements into a single platform, saving ample time.

Integrating data into a common view is now possible with Episerver, thereby increasing productivity of marketers as they can coordinate an entire multichannel campaign from a single screen. With an intuitive and user-friendly campaign tool, Episerver makes the life of merchandisers a tad easier. Therefore, products, discounts and assets are all under one roof, simplifying the process of navigation.

Episerver has a few verified add-ons that are equipped with inherently-built connectors making it a simple task to connect the platform with ERP and marketing automation systems among others. As a result, marketers are guaranteed rapid time-to-market and perform dynamically. By empowering marketers with this feature, Episerver ensures movement of data in a seamless yet coherent manner to create a compelling digital experience.

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2. Intelligent personalization and improved customizability

Intelligent personalization is the hallmark of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. Episerver Advance is a content personalization solution, designed to deploy quickly. The features include the latest from the world of advanced machine learning.  It automatically recommends product and content items by tracking visitor behavior, and makes predictions based on persistent visitor intelligence.

By analyzing user behavior with every visit, this functionality forms the key to user engagement in terms of content personalization. Yet another aspect that draws from its intelligent personalization is how omnichannel commerce is created on a very individual user-level, through optimized category listings, emails and recommendations, thereby driving revenue in the right direction.

Replete with an all-encompassing suite of digital commerce personalization along with a behavioral data store for quick conversions, Episerver promises users a tailor made digital experience. From the merchandiser’s point of view, Episerver helps in lowering bounce rates and increasing conversion rates resulting in happier customers.

3. Streamlined cross-channel commerce

For users to consistently identify with a brand, merchandisers are required to adapt to the changing needs of customers.  One of the biggest challenges in creating a seamless user experience is to extract content from multiple sources and put them into context to support unified digital experience. To access content using multiple interfaces across various channels is quite a hassle. This is where cross-channel engagement infuses a sense of dynamism to the entire digital experience, as it creates  maximum impact among your customers. Therefore, connecting customer experiences across all channels to prevent communication gaps is of utmost importance to create a seamless user experience. Supporting an omnichannel content strategy entirely, Episerver is the best bet if you want to partake in the revolution of creating a unique digital experience!

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Author : Saranya Balachandran Date : 16 May 2017