Episerver’s Digital Solutions – A mix of SaaS, PaaS and On-Prem

episervers-digital-solutionsThe present digital landscape offers organizations a wide variety of multiple systems they could pick to build their websites. Episerver’s content management system stands out as the most comprehensive platform among the ones available in the market today, more so after Episerver has acquired Peerius and Optivo.

Combining SaaS, PaaS and On-Prem

Real-time personalization with Peerius and multi-channel campaign management with Optivo undoubtedly brings new capabilities to the table when combined with Episerver’s CMS solutions. Yet some of the site owners aren’t fully aware of what Episerver has on menu and how to benefit from them. We would like to throw some light on how the site owners can enjoy powerful and flexible Episerver’s CMS platform with a combination of SaaS, PaaS and On-Prem.

On-Premises (in short On-Prem) and PaaS are two basic forms of hosting services provided by Episerver CMS platform. Let’s have a look at them:

On Premises

Traditional companies are not usually ready to host sites or services in cloud. Security concerns, need for personalized requirements that can be integrated to their existing business are some of the reasons. These organizations prefer On-Prem hosting catering to their own environment or on- leased space by hosting provider. Organizations that opt for On-Prem hosting patch their own CMS software and applications, hosts and maintains their website infrastructure and appropriate security measures. Episerver guides these organizations to set-up their own On-Prem hosting.

PaaS – Platform as a Service

The other basic form of hosting that Episerver dishes out to its clients is PaaS which is short for Platform as a Service in the form of Digital Experience Cloud. With PaaS you don’t have to manage hardware or software resources. Episerver takes care of infrastructure, platform, and security concerns with a powerful cloud-based hosting using Microsoft Azure. Website developers are given the flexibility to take care of coding multiple applications while Episerver takes care of application uptime, infrastructure and scalability.

SaaS – Software as a Service

The two basic options, On-Prem and PaaS provide flexible hosting capabilities to Episerver’s CMS clients. SaaS that is Software as a Service opens up a whole new range of options that increases flexibility many-fold. The services offered are:

Episerver Find: A site’s search technology should be so designed such that it meets the requirements of site users. This is where Episerver Find steps in. It is a paid add-on that arms websites with powerful search functionality. Episerver Find assists with customer acquisition and retention by building dynamic landing pages that are based on terms used by visitors. The results that pop up are collective information across different levels on your website such as PDFs, documents, subsidiary and associated websites. With such powerful features Episerver Find drives more traffic with landing pages that are created automatically in tune with search terms, increases visitor engagement and enhances user experience with adaptive navigation, optimizes search results encouraging visitors to take positive action and boost conversion with guided search. Search for Episerver Find is not only a highly evolved functionality but it is at the core of knowledge about the visitors to the very core as in how they behave, and what they expect.

Peerius: Peerius with its real-time prediction and adaption analytics combined with study of device specific customer intent to engage in individualized interactions offers a strong Omni channel personalization solution. Content editors can create blog recommendations based on predictions, personalized call-to-action events, personalized landing and offer pages and a lot more. These powerful features increase customer engagement and provide more value to site visitors by creating personalized individual experience. 

Optivo: Optivo on the other hand brings sophistication to Episerver’s already established CMS platform. The marketing automation is a feather added to Episerver’s CMS hat. Eliminating creation of data silos, Optivo adds more value to site visitors experience by providing them with contextual and relevant content, hence providing the right information to the right person at the right time. This also enables Episerver to roll out customer communication services that are unmatched in the industry. Seamless communication with customers via e-mails, SMSs, push messages, you name it, are all utilized effectively to enable the sale to fall through effectively and keep the customer coming back for more products and services.      

Episerver clients enjoy all of these cloud-based services available to them no matter what platform they choose. The client organizations can choose the combination of services that satisfy their business needs without compromising on quality of their services in an ever increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

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Author : Poonam Sambargikar Date : 19 Dec 2016