Excited about Ektron 9? Here’s a sneak peek!

Ektron officially announced latest version of its core product, Ektron 9 on 17th of June. And guess what? Ektron 9 ships with excitements never before. I was lucky enough to play with the beta version of Ektron 9; here is a glimpse of the super cool features provided by Ektron 9.

ektron9 preview
Image Source: ektron.com

The three important improvements showcased by Ektron 9 involve:

  • Mobile Enhancements
  • Effective Persona Management
  • SOLR Search Integration

Mobile Enhancements:

Due to the enormous increase in usage of mobile devices, delivering contents across various devices was a pain point for CMS’s. Forget about multiple templates! Forget about m dot websites! Ektron 9 leverages the capabilities of popular responsive web design.

Ektron introduces a new configuration set up called “Breakpoints”, which is mean for the adaptive re-sizing of images.By setting up the breakpoints, for various devices, ektron empowers the contents to re-size in the template. These breakpoints can be configured by a Marketer through workarea.

The following screenshot shows the Breakpoint settings in Ektron workarea:

Breakpoint settings in Ektron workarea

The PageBuilder interface is improved drastically for better usability and easy set up with Ektron 9. An extensive preview of contents in various mobile devices is a major improvement of new PageBuilder interface.

Take a look at the brand new PageBuilder interface:

PageBuilder interface

Effective Persona Management:

Persona management feature focuses primarily on marketers. This feature leverages two key marketing strategies:

  • Targeting
  • Personalization

Persona management in ektron 9 allows digital marketers to create personas based on the attributes from CRM, Marketing automation. Etc. This feature enables to effectively target the right content to the right site visitor and analyze the impact.

persona management ektron

Get to know more about persona management.

SOLR Search Integration:

The integration with open source enterprise search platform SOLR is another important aspect of Ektron 9.This provides rich set of features like, faceted search, dynamic clustering and near real time search capabilities. Etc.


The above are the major improvements of the newer version. Can’t wait to see Ektron 9 in action? Take a look at the Developer briefing of Ektron 9.

Author : Bisileesh Bhaskaran Date : 02 Jul 2013