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Being able to connect with your customers and understanding their pulse is the essence of social marketing. Knowing your customers is not the same as typecasting all of them into a single group and directing generalized marketing strategies. It is about listening to your customer, figuring out the real person behind the likes, comments, and tweets and catering to that unique individual. Since every customer’s shopping behavior is distinct, the brand needs to tailor its strategies accordingly and personalize experiences for each customer.

This calls for a detailed study about every customer, predicting their next moves, and simultaneously understanding their needs and expectations from the brand. Sitecore CMS provides a powerful social marketing platform that enables a company to engage with its customer in a more one-to-one, realistic, and meaningful manner. We will take you through the fundamentals of social marketing to help you understand how Sitecore empowers an organization in taking the customer-brand relationship to the next level.

Listening through Sitecore CMS: What is your customer trying to tell you, which campaigns were applauded and why, and which strategies failed and why? These are the most pertinent questions that a company needs to ask itself periodically to improve the brand’s relationship with customers. A customer communicates through multiple social channels and to keep track of all the channels is a gargantuan task. Sitecore, however, simplifies this process by integrating all community tools like blogs, wikis, polls, forums, and so on; not only within the CMS, but also with the analytics and digital marketing channels. Thus, the company is well equipped to respond to the customer’s views – both positive as well as negative- quickly and efficiently.

Helping your customers express freely: An important aspect of social marketing is to help your customers talk and share their experiences easily. Making it simple for them to share and express opinions using their existing social identities is better than letting them undergo the hassles of creating separate accounts. This will encourage them to talk more about the brand via social media. The word-of-mouth publicity through the social network can empower the brand to identify the right customers and direct their marketing strategies better.

Using Social media feeds to tailor content: Sitecore’s predictive marketing helps you get closer to your customer by picking up their social media feeds like a birthday reminder on Facebook, interests or skills displayed on their LinkedIn pages, and tailoring the content to be delivered to them in real time. It lets you remain at par and even a few steps ahead of your customer; thereby presenting different ways to fulfil their needs even before they express their wishes.

Goal quantifying and leveraging information: With Goal tracking, a company can quantify its goals or assign numerical values to a list of activities that signify the level or extent of engagement that a customer creates with the brand. For instance: clicking on a product, subscribing to campaigns, or reviewing a product online. These goals can be monitored and tracked to have the analytics applied. The numbers can also be appended to the customer profile score based on which follow-up actions like automated emails or personalized sales calls can be formulated.

Bringing together experiences under a single roof: The Sitecore CMS experience management holds together all the aspects of customer experience in a single place. A repository that contains the entire customer data makes it convenient to customize marketing strategies. More than just sending out emailers to grab your customer’s attraction, Sitecore allows you to track and measure the responses across all devices and several media channels, and also apply data analytics. Consistent data empowers you to shape your customer’s experience and build a stronger brand image.

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Building lasting relationships that are scalable: Building and collecting humongous amounts of data is futile, if you are unable to connect the dots and glean useful insights from them. Human nature and its dynamics are perhaps the most difficult subjects to unravel. But Sitecore CMS connects the vague dots for you. All the interactions, through all devices and channels are combined for you in one single place which makes it easier to get the larger picture behind each individual customer. You get to know the separate likes, comments, tweets, and reviews of each customer. Once you have identified the common links, it becomes relatively easier to drive personalized content. This way you are assured of building unique, personal, and real relationships with each of your customers. What is more? This NoSQL database technology, built on MongoDB, is equipped to deal with huge volumes of such data with no limits.

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Author : Uma Chellappa Date : 09 Oct 2015