Experience Speaks at Suyati

As a beginner, if you wish to start your career in a product development company, Suyati is the best option. Compared to leading MNCs, Suyati has a small team, but you get the opportunity to expose yourself as a professional, reputed engineer.

The best part that i could find out within this one month is the SuyatiStep program. The sort of training you come across this period is really interesting and really helpful. It helps us to build a concrete base about concepts about what we learned during the past years. It is clearly evident from the screening process to get in here. The training enables us to choose our own area of interest rather than assigning any other platform. As the name suggests, ‘STEP’ helps us to climb the heights.Roy

As we were a group of 14, individual attention was given to each of us. Experience of over 5-7 years and even more than that was reflected during their class. It was really enjoyable and productive. Even though am from an electronics background, now i think there is no difference between electronics and computer science. It’s all about the effort that we take.

Now, explaining about the kind of atmosphere that you feel here, it’s quite flexible and reliable. By now, a strong bond of friendship was established with everyone which includes even architects and senior development leads. They are ready to reach us at anytime and we are free to reach them whenever we need.

About the fun side, we have a Table-Tennis table over there. Once you are free, you can readily access the table. Also we are in love with the the coffee machine available in the pantry.

This flexible atmosphere was also reflected in our small group. It helped to extend our relations within. We were so relaxed, had a couple of hangouts and really it’s going to be a excellent time ahead.

Now it’s time to choose our favorite platform and start our projects. I wish these days would never go and hoping for another fantastic move here.


Author : Roy P Jose Date : 26 Jun 2015