Factors to consider when building mobile apps on the Cloud

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Mobile apps have changed the way how business is conducted. It has altered the way employees interact with employers as well as how service providers and clients interact. The unlimited capabilities these applications have been able to bring together, makes it easy to conduct even the most difficult business operations.

With the improved efficiency of cloud technology, most organizations use mobile applications to provide better service to their customers, who are on the move, with the intent of streamlining and improving their revenue.

Why mobile applications?

Unlike many other systems and techniques, having a mobile application makes the customer come to you, they willingly spend time on your application, which makes it more conducive to have them respond to your promotions and products as you would love them to. Apps make it easy to follow the customer wherever they are, and to directly feed them with everything that you think is worthwhile for their business. The cloud coupled with the apps allow businesses to capture high quality data, which is priceless.

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Why cloud matters?

The most important task for any organization is to provide the best possible service to their customers whenever and wherever they need it, and this is exactly what the cloud is all about. It provides impeccable agility, scalability and synchronizing capabilities across multiple devices. It offers an efficient data-ecosystem without the requirement of any additional hardware or programs.

It can be a bit intimidating for those organizations that have not adapted the same so far. The question one should ask today is ‘when will you?’ rather than ‘will you?’

While adapting cloud technology, it is important to have an efficient strategy to govern the usage of the same. Cloud computing principles can be used as an intelligent model to drive maximum value from the technology.  This can help organizations to make effective decisions, such as to have the app in the cloud or in the premises.  

Three technology giants Google, Microsoft and Amazon are the major companies that offer enterprise cloud service offerings. To take the most effective decision, enterprises will have to carefully select the service provider, reflecting upon various elements and license agreements.

Once the decision has been taken as to which platform should be used, the next step would be to understand how the information will be accessed and preserved.  While contemplating on the same, it is always important to consider a few questions on each of these topics:

  1. Accessing the data stored

  • Who will be given access to these data and what will be the strategy to confirm the same?
  • Is the service provider capable of providing security for the data?
  • Is the protected data provided by the service provider?
  • What are the measures adopted by the service provider to prevent unauthorized access of the data hosted?
  1. Protection of the data

  • How will the data be protected and what are the measures used?
  • What are the systems in place by the service provider for perimeter security, intrusion detection, physical security, security patching and preventing data-leak, apart from various other security systems in place?
  • In the event of identity theft, what are the systems and policies in place to identify, avert and allay the same?
  • Has there ever been any sort of identity theft experienced by the service provider in less than two years?
  1. Plans for disaster recovery and business continuity

  • Is there a disaster recovery plan in place by the service provider?
  • What are the measures adopted by the service provider to ensure the safety of the data in case of any disaster?
  • In the case of dissolution of business of the service provider, what is the procedure to get the data hosted back?
  • Can third-party verification be carried out on the platform?

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Having answers to the above questions will help you formulate a plan in establishing an excellent disaster recovery strategy. The cloud coupled with mobile apps is on a roll like never before at a rate that is faster than even a beanstalk. Please get in touch with us to know more about Suyati’s expertise in mobile app development services@suyati.com.

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Author : Rahul Suresh Date : 11 May 2017