Fantasy Sales Team in MS Dynamics CRM

Fantasy Sales Team in MS Dynamics CRM

In one of our previous posts, we saw the new and cool features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This post will walk you through the Fantasy Sales team, a niche feature integrated to MS Dynamics CRM. Founded by Adam Hollander, the Fantasy Sales Team was later acquired by Microsoft in August 2015. So, what is all the hue and cry about Fantasy Sales Team?

An innovative sales gamification platform, this feature helps organizations increase productivity. With Fantasy Sales Team (FST) sales teams can run more engaging contests.


Benefits of FST:

Designed by an experienced team of software industry veterans, FST is run by a bunch of people who are truly passionate about guiding companies to push higher performance from their sales force. Fantasy Sales Team (FST) helps to automate Sales Representatives performance matrices. It also helps to set goals and define metrics to drive sales performance behavior. With FST, you can monitor dozens of performance metrics without operational hassle. Having analyzed and studied numerous sales managers and sales reps, it is understood that great incentive programs can accelerate sales contests.

Sales contests and incentive programs conducted in most of the organizations suffer from many shortcomings: the top performers in the organization continue to dominate in such contests, while the rest of the team falls behind the competition due to lack of engagement or contention. That’s when Fantasy Sales Team enters the stage with clear plans to address such problems with a tailor-made approach that delivers desired results.

FST totally revamps the old sales incentive model and applies it to the sales setting in such a way that you get better visibility on the results. FST effectively drives both competition and collaboration, thus encouraging positive, impactful cultural change.

MS Dynamics CRM’s new Fantasy Sales Team has a competition module that bestows you the opportunity to “draft” teams within your organization. With this feature, team members can easily collaborate to compete within their opted “sport”. Since results can be viewed by anyone, participants feel motivated and inspired to soar high to succeed. It also encourages team spirit. Microsoft also gives real-time feedback that boosts productivity.


Listed down are few of the features offered by Microsoft CRM’s Fantasy Sales Team:

  • The fun is open for all- you can include everyone (not only sales reps) in the fantasy draft
  • Rewards for multiple results and outcomes
  • Keep interactive leaderboards across your office to track results- make it more attractive
  • Point values for common tasks in and out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Automated emails can be scheduled incorporating the team’s results
  • You can also come up with data charts/ graphs on individual or team performance


The FST Game:

  • Fantasy sales team makes contests for sales personnel in the form of a game like soccer, car race and so on.
  • Assign “player” position to sales reps, and depending on their performance they are rewarded. The teams get scores based on their achievements. The outcomes are measured based on the company’s desired sales metrics.
  • It uses sales metrics like calls, number of opportunities, revenue booked and any custom metrics that you feel worth to be tracked.
  • Players earn points by achieving their company’s most important sales goals, instead of tracking touchdowns, strikeouts, runs, and other sports-related statistics.
  • With the out-of-the-box integration of FST with MS Dynamics CRM, scores are recorded in the CRM.

Integration of FST into Dynamics CRM has absolutely reinvented productivity in organizations, and Microsoft is working towards making it more flexible and customizable to fit any sales environment.  FST delivers original and innovative answers to sales issues and stands for the best of an entrepreneurial spirit.


Setting up Fantasy Sales Team in MS Dynamics CRM- A quick glance

The Fantasy Sales Team game is quite easy to set up. All that you need to do is to register for FST and then log into the Office 365 Portal with your account and follow the instructions given there. You can have a preview of the FST in Microsoft Dynamics CRM here. Clicking this link will take you to a screen as displayed below:

Fantasy Sales Team

Why don’t you check it out now? It’s quite easy and takes only few minutes.

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Author : Bhuvana Date : 12 Aug 2016