“Fast and Furious”

ripal mehta

Ripal – Playing a double role as hero and villain

“Fast and furious” I should say. I am not talking about the next series of Vin Diesel’s global blockbuster adventure movie that all the youngsters are fascinated about. This is something that I personally experienced about the place that I am working now – Suyati Technologies, in Infopark Kochi.

With all its twist and twirls in my story, this is somewhat close to a Hollywood movie. The speciality about this story is that I am playing the protagonist as well as the antagonist role (along with my family). Yeah, Judwaa role.

If we take the movie reel of my story and rewind it a bit – around four months back – I was at Suyati.  I came all the way from Pune to attend my final face-to-face interview. After the detailed HR round, two technical interviews and client interview (yup, a real long selection process!) over the phone, I was pretty sure about the knowledge level they possessed. I was expecting a technically highbrow team, so I was a bit worried. Against all my fears, it was a friendly interaction. People were so friendly that they made sure that I was feeling comfortable in every possible way. After the interview, they were ready to accept me as one among them.

So I made up my mind- This is where I belong – Suyati is my next spot.

Enter – the Villain. I discussed with my family about the job offer in Kochi, and why I wanted to take up the job. We had lots of issues to take care- the journey from Pune to Kochi which would consume my whole day, my son is in his teens and was hesitant to move to a new place for his studies, and finally the 9 long years of stay in Pune that had definitely made us a part of the historical city. So completely shifting from Pune was difficult for my family. Even though I was double-minded, the villain won.

I joined another company in Pune. But I could not connect with the people in my new company like I did in Suyati. Days passed by-one week- two week- I completed four months in that company and finally decided to give a call to one of the seniors in Suyati, who was my interviewer. I expressed my interest in joining the company if given a chance.

It all comes back to what I said at the beginning – “fast and furious”. The HR head gave me a call within two hours and asked me to take up the role. I was astonished by the speed at which they carried out the process. It all happened in a flash!! I didn’t even give the chance to the villain in me to speak up. Within a month (after my notice period), I joined Suyati.

After one week of being in Suyati, I found that the ability to learn in this place is very high. There are always people around to help you to take care of your teeny weeny things – even your personal problems (when I was in search of a new apartment, everyone in Suyati helped me out).

Moving on to the climax of my story – now I am enjoying Kochi in all its essence. I am enjoying choru (rice) and sambar instead of pavu bhajis, and enjoying listening to ‘Why this Kolaveri di’ (a familiar song). I would like to conclude this movie by quoting something that I read a few years ago by Maya Angelou.

“People will forget what you said,

 People will forget what you did,

 but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

That is why you are different, Suyati. Wishing you all success in the future.

About Ripal Mehta:

Ripal Mehta is working as a Tech Lead in Suyati Technologies. He has 15+ years’ experience in Information Technology, including various phases of SDLC such as Requirements and Analysis, Design and Construction, Testing, UAT and implementation at the client side. He completed his MCA from Gujarat University in the year 1996, and is a native of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His family includes his parents, wife and a son. At Suyati, his dream is to become a Tech Architect within one year.



Author : Ripal Mehta Date : 27 Aug 2013