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Support teams and helpdesks receive a myriad of requests and queries from their customers.  These requests and queries range from routine queries regarding pricing and quality to complex queries that require careful consideration before replying.  Small and medium-scale businesses that are growing at a rapid pace need help managing requests and queries of their customers. comes with a solution to this problem of small and medium businesses.  According to experts, more than 70% of requests can be handled by self-service support.  If online self-service support is understandable and satisfies the customers’ needs, it can take most of the load off support personnel.

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Here are some ways in which online support can be made effective using Desk.Com.


Experts at Desk.Com say that more than half of all customers get frustrated locating the search box.  They advise that search boxes be placed at the top centre of the screen to be easily visible to the customer.  Another important thing to remember is not to clutter the page with too many animations.  Keep it simple and easy to figure.


A site that has little or no content is simple and easy to figure.  However, it does not provide the customer with what he needs!  Make sure your content is meaningful and complete.  Providing partial information will only serve to confuse the customer, and he may never visit your site again.  If you do need to reserve some things for discussion, state clearly that these issues will be addressed on personal contact or that they are negotiable.  Being obtuse or obscure about information is seldom productive.


Most customers land up at your site via Google or other search engines.  Therefore, make sure your site appears in relevant search results by optimizing your content for search engines.  Statistics show that more than 90% of customers use search engines to find suitable services.  Keep your content smart.

Social Networking

Most businesses have social site pages and customers express their likes and dislikes on these pages.  So, if your business does not have a social site page like twitter or Facebook then you should create one. If you already have a page, use Desk.Com automation to respond to tweets and comments on these pages.

Let your system do the grinding

Automate all housekeeping tasks such as sorting out queries, emails, comments, and tweets.  Leave your support staff to smile and answer the queries with the backing of a strong knowledge base.

Case Management

With you can be up and running in no time.  Desk manages your cases and presents facts in a clear and concise manner so that you can skim through the details while you chat with your customer.  Simple or routine complaints can be automated so that the agent has time to work on the complex requirements.

Online Updating

Desk.Com allows online updating of the database or knowledge base.  Your agents, therefore, have up-to-date information on customers’ requirements and complaints as well as also solutions to the problems that may occur.


As your business grows, you can easily upgrade your services with just a few clicks.  With Desk.Com, you can add self-service options to help customers find their own solutions.  Your support team can then concentrate on tougher issues, leaving the routine queries to Desk.Com.

Mobile Connectivity

Desk.Com supports both Android as well as iOS.  Therefore, staying in touch with your team does not require them to use a specific device or software.  Customers also can use any device to access your site and gain information giving you faster conversions.

Easy Configuration

Desk.Com is easy to set up and requires minimal configuring.  Since it is also portable, you can connect all your channels including social networking sites within a short time.  Your agents are then ready to respond to clients.  The pay-by-agent feature allows you to add agents as required.  You can also add specializations among agents by assigning specific agents to specific type of queries or to specific customers.

Sorting and Categorization

Desk allows you to label your cases so that you can easily sort them out and forward them to concerned people based on category.  For instance, you can forward cases marked urgent or important to your manager automatically.  This saves considerable time and effort so you can concentrate on efforts resolving those issues that you immediately.  Labelling also facilitates sorting and tracking.

Bulk Response

You can store standardized responses to requests and forward them to multiple clients at a time.  This helps save considerable time, and you can serve more number of customers in a short time.


As mentioned earlier, Desk.Com is compatible with both Android and iOS, the two most popular mobile operating systems.  Users can, therefore, easily integrate apps required for servicing customers on a single platform.  This flexibility allows you to provide better and more user-friendly services to your clients. can be easily integrated with Sales force software to set up a sales and service platform.  Sharing the same data model, integration is easy and does not require many modifications.

Decision Making

Desk.Com provides support in the form of documents, presentations, and other tools used by the entire team.  You can, therefore, base your decisions on insights shared by colleagues. Desk.Com, thus, provides you support to serve your customers faster and better.

Agent Console and Knowledge Base

Desk.Com lets you create a knowledge base that can be used by all your agents or members of your team.  The intelligent agent console integrates tools and documentation based on the customers’ query allowing you to quickly frame replies to customer’s queries. The agents console suggests responses and supporting documents and tools based on the knowledge base facilitating quick service.

Conclusion is user-friendly and portable customer support software that helps provide quick and useful answers to your customers’ queries.  With just a few hours for installation and comparatively lower costs, you can scale your business at your own pace and provide support and services to your customers promptly and efficiently.

Author : Aparna Bivera Date : 03 Jun 2015