Feedback on the STEP program at Suyati Technologies

Pottery is a form of professional art. During moulding, the potter makes the clay flexible and soft, he then moulds the clay into several shapes and later the pot shaped clay goes into the hot kiln. Just like this I was just a block of clay after college. The stages of moulding was done by the ’’STEP’’ programme in Suyati Technologies.

I was really tense when I stepped inside the office but not so scared because eight members in the team were from my own college. First day our HR Director Mr. Vincent gave a brief introduction about Suyati Technologies and an overview about STEP. The first session did indicated that it was time to tighten the boots, since the race is ahead and it is not going to be simple. I really was tense due to the fact that I am from Electronics background. But STEP did made me confident that here at IT field the background does not matter – all what matters is the grey matter inside our skull.

At first the programming was a small burden to me but I must thank Suyati for choosing the conference room for our training purpose. The round table did a lot of things – we got to know each other so quickly and the separations of college names vanished. Above all, we ourselves found to be a team and each of us helped each other.


Talking about the lecturing sessions I must refer Mr. Jijo and he was the best among the teachers I had through my career. And the intimacy he had with our team it is remarkable Mr. Deepak is another man whom I should talk about, but I cannot explain about the classes because it should be experienced. He is so dedicated to his work that his passion was the major factor that was delivered to us on his session. The effort taken by each one to make us understand must be mentioned. After the classes my team mates from Software background used to say that ‘’what we did in college was to memorize the sequence of words in the textbooks, but it is for the first time that a detailed explanation about the topics and their working is given’’.

These 20 days of STEP in Suyati Technologies did change my attitude towards the profession, allowed me to grab a lot of knowledge which was once my passion. Like the shaped clay from potter’s   hand we now are going to the hot kiln. We are going to get burnt we know, but we are confident that we will make a perfect pot. That is the quality of the STEP program.


Author : Amal Raj M Date : 26 Jun 2015