My First Step towards the Professional world

Having completed one month of SuyatiSTEP training program I am quite eager to tell everyone about my first step towards the professional world. The SuyatiSTEP program conducted by Suyati Technologies for freshers had started last month for our batch. As an Electronic background guy, I must say the past two weeks was a stepping stone for me. The programs covers everything from programming skills like OOPS , Datastructure, Database,HTML etc to management skills like Business Analysing, Soft Skills etc. It was a complete package!!

All the concepts that are needed to be a programmer have been explained in such a way that all my previous notions of programming have been shattered. In my earlier days, if I was given a program to solve, all my concentration would have been on solving them in the fastest /easiest way. Now I know that programming in IT world is for humans first and Computer second.

The effort taken by the various staff members to make us understand these new concepts is really something that I don’t think will be seen outside of Suyati. We are all very thankful and extremely indebted to the various colleagues who took their time from their work and helped to train us. They were all really eager to answer our doubts and point us in the right direction. And lastly there was an assessment which helped us in understanding in which area we must focus more on to become a good programmer.

And last but not the least, we are really indebted to the team that designed such a wonderful program. Their efforts must be really appreciated. In all. I must say I am extremely lucky to be a part of the Suyati family and hope to continue to do so.

Author : Parameswar Rao Date : 25 Jul 2014