FIVE compelling reasons for CEOs to blog

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this blog on the excuses CEOs use to NOT blog. Internally at Suyati, we are conducting blogging and social media sessions to entice more techies to blog and become active on Twitter and LI. As a team that churns out products to promote content marketing and brand advocacy at a personal and at enterprise level, we cannot afford to have our team just create code, can we?

While these sessions are seeing some great blogs from our tech team, we are yet to see a blog from the Management team. Why is that? While it is true that less than 1/3rd of the Fortune 500 CEOs blog, it can’t be due to lack of time, or tools, can it? Nor can it be that they don’t have much to say. (One of the excuses that my Admin manager used!) In fact, it does not take much for a typical CEO to get going on one of their pet theories, or their take on a current trend!

So why are CEOs staying away from the blogging scene? And why should they blog? I set out to find out the answers to this mystery. I asked around, searched and read. And what did I find out?

FIVE compelling reasons for CEOs to blog

CEOs should blog
1. Today’s customer wants to see the leadership behind the brand. In the earlier days, all customers wanted to know was the price of your product and how soon you can deliver it. Today, as a customer goes from being a prospect to brand advocate, they need to know who is running the show, and how the leaders help transform the business. Frankly, customers do care for your brand, and want to know what plans the CEO has for making it better.

2. Today’s employee needs to know what the leadership team is doing. The connect between the management team and the troops has never been more critical for brand success. With social tools and smartphones, an employee can keep herself updated on what the CEO is doing at any point of time. And help support from the sidelines, whenever necessary. Besides, when you are trying to attract potential employees, their research now includes the leadership team – not just their direct reports or the tech team.

3. Today’s brand needs its CEO to show more credibility and trust – And the easiest way to do that is to tell the world what the brand stands for, and how it can add value. Coming from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, means a CEO’s words will have more credibility.

4. Today’s community needs to know where you stand – As corporate initiatives in social causes increase, the community needs to know what you, and your brand, stand for. Going green? Thinking education? Getting rid of poverty? Reducing waste? Stand up and speak for what touches your heart. And that of your brand.

5. Today’s leaders want to know what one of their own is doing – As a critical part of an industry, or as a representative of an idea whose time has come, the CEO has to speak up, based on the collective wisdom on what needs to be done. And explain how the industry will change their lives for the better.

To lead or to blog? Or can CEOs do both? The debate continues… In the meantime, let me see if I can get Mukund to write a blog!

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Author : Revathi Krishna Date : 06 Jun 2014