Free Apps are overshadowing Paid apps: Studies show

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Free Mobile Apps are dominating the mobile application download scene. A recent research report from Gartner says it all. The study points out that by the end of the year 2012, free smartphone applications will account for 90% of the downloads. This is true for both Android and iOS users, that dominate mobile systems in use today. In terms of figures, Gartner says that the global app download numbers are expected to hit 45.6 Billion, and out of these only a meager 5 Billion would be paid app downloads.

App stores are flooding with free apps. A study by ABI research showed that out of the top 250 apps in Apple’s App Store, the largest reservoir of smartphone apps, nearly 88% are free apps. Free apps have turned out to be a better way of monetizing for app developers than paid apps.

The reason is simply because free apps are most likely to be bombarded by advertisements and advertisers are willing to shell out money to promote their brands. This has resulted in a twofold approach to app development wherein developers are offering a Free and Paid version of the same app with the former having ads in it and the latter free of any such advertisement banners. It is up to the users to decide which one they want.

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Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 05 Oct 2012