From Coal to Diamonds


The word ‘Training’ would be nothing but an understatement to the actual transformation process that has taken place during the last couple of memorable months, here at Suyati Technologies. Suyati opened its arms to a group of 11 anxious faces, and molded us into ‘industry standard amateurs’. On 5th October 2015, 6 boys and 5 girls waited anxiously outside the Geo Infopark building, with a common thought – ‘Launch us into our careers’. Little did we know what Suyati had in store for us. The staff here at Suyati managed to guide us, despite their busy schedules. Equal importance was given to our soft skill development as well as our technical enhancement.

Suyati broke the stereotype of a typical IT firm, or a thought that was implanted deep in our minds, which was, ‘a technical environment is a cold and harsh place to grow’. We saw no discrimination among the well-experienced staff here. It was evident that this company was not at all ‘company’, per se, but a family. It was very comforting to realize that we weren’t that far off from home. It immediately struck us that this is a perfect place to start our careers, after all, there is no one better to start a new thing than with your own family and no place to do so than in your own homes. All the 11 trainees had no issues in interacting with each other, given the fact that the environment here is so friendly and warm, and soon did they grow on each other’s minds. Every member of this organization, be it the senior-most member or the office assistant, could be approached at any time and none of them would be too busy to spend a little time helping us familiarize with this new chapter of our lives.

Mentioning the training sessions, we were scheduled to be trained in many things. Some of which were already pretty familiar to us, while the others were nothing short of ‘Greek and Latin’. The days were packed with an array of technical lectures, with introductions to various new and significant technologies and software. A few sessions were strictly focused on revising things we had learnt in our colleges and schools. The trainers managed to help us revisit all that we have learnt previously and this helped us recapture many things that we had forgotten over the years. We had soft skills-oriented sessions, which included speaking, writing and listening. This training was more than helpful as most of us benefited greatly from them, and our skills were re-sharpened. Most of the significant topics such as Database Management, OOPS Concepts, Algorithms and Data Structures and many more were thoroughly covered by the staff-cum-instructors here. The soft skill training was carried out by the Content team, and I must mention how relaxing it was, especially when it came between busy technical sessions. The way the sessions were planned was very impressive and on behalf of the trainees, I must thank the HR team for their marvelous effort, to balance the technical sessions with the soft skill training, so as to relieve any stress that may have been caused. All the doubts that we had were cleared by the expert trainers and they constantly told us that they could be approached at any time, via Skype or in-person.

Everything was very satisfying and Suyati did help us transform ourselves into what we are today. Suyati helped us find the diamond, hidden deep within ourselves. A diamond we would have taken ages to discover on our own. Although a still rugged, the diamond that we have discovered within ourselves sparkles out in the open, and all the credit to that should be given to my new family, our new family, here, at Suyati Technologies.

Author : Varun K Nair Date : 08 Jan 2016