From Cost to Value – transforming your internal IT department

IT and business- Both working well together can maximize the IT contribution at your enterprise. By managing your internal IT department, it is possible to increase revenue, reduce spending, and ultimately improve your enterprise efficiency. Once you shift your mind-set from “costing” to “value-add”, your internal IT department will contribute towards your company’s success. But most IT consulting companies are too busy focusing on their client’s IT needs to pay any attention to their internal needs. So if you are guilty of the same mistake, here are some tips and pointers to jumpstart your internal IT’s move to being a “value-add”.

In order to harvest the full potential of IT internally, ensure that you –

  1. Align your internal IT strategies with business strategy – IT strategies adopted inside an enterprise depends on multiple variables – market and industry demands, how the company explored IT previously, the current sophistication level of the IT dept., management’s support and appreciation for attaining the technology, skill availability, etc. No matter what the variable, you can’t have more than a marginal value if your IT strategies don’t blend with the business strategies of your organization.
  2. Sync up IT with Finance – IT investment for the sake of doing so adds no value to the company. Take rigorous efforts to measure the value earned from your investments in IT. Create an integrated IT strategy followed by a governance structure for customer interaction, communication and accountability that could standardize the operations, provide customers products that value and support their business. Create matrices to ensure that your IT is on track and meeting business objectives – increased efficiency, reduced time to set up an account/user, quicker tracking and solving of issues.

When you have your company goals harmonized with the internal IT strategy of your firm, taking over the IT needs of your client becomes natural. If you need help streamlining your internal IT team, Suyati Technologies can help with our wide range of Managed IT services. The Suyati Team has over 10 + years of experience working in Network Management, Server Management, and Desktop Management. Be it configuration or maintenance of firewalls or switches, running servers using Microsoft Technology or Opensource Linux or Desktops, our experienced team can take care of your enterprise needs today.


Author : mkrishna Date : 06 Jun 2012