From Developer to a Rockstar

The first day at Suyati was filled with excitement. It was like my first day at school; I couldn’t contain my excitement, but had to check it as we were trainees. It was the inaugural day of Suyati’s largest ever and 3rd office space at Lulu Cyber Tower, Infopark, Kochi. The new office looked really big and impressive to us. I met some of my co-trainees at the office. We started talking and really hit it off in the very first day itself.


From the next day the training started with a schedule. The sessions were great as those were coming directly from some of the finest Suyatians. The best part is that Suyati not only focus on technical side of the employees, they mold us in such way that the brand name of Suyati can be seen in each and every Suyatian. The soft skill sessions helped very much for that. It helped us create a strong bond among us and instilled more discipline among us. They taught us the importance of team work and not to leave our colleagues behind. That was really inspiring.

We were trained specifically for The mentors were some of the finest in this domain and they always welcomed us to interact with them and made it sure that a helping hand is always there. They changed our outlook of IT from geeky nerds to a bunch of rock star engineers.


The whole training was very interesting and gave me loads of insights on what a work culture should be ideally, and how to work in a team. I am really excited to continue working at Suyati in the coming days and am ready to take up more challenges in hand.

Author : Eldon Kuzhyelil Date : 09 Jun 2016