Fueling creativity and innovation in your IT organization

Studies reveal that China and India are two major countries where Innovation in companies is valued greatly. In the findings from a survey conducted by BusinessWeek (BCG Survey) it is evident that in promoting creativity-focused businesses, India and China are as popular as Europe as the place to go to, among top innovation-oriented executives. And when executives were asked, where they would want their company to increase Research & Development spending, 48% answered Western Europe, 44% India and 44% answered China. And Managers were tending towards Canada and the U.S, for the same task, while some opted for Europe. China and India still are viewed as main centers for development.

On Suyati’s evaluation of the growth of creativity-oriented businesses in India, we found that, a corporate space providing its employees the ability and the facilities ‘to do what they can do’ is the driving force for the sprout of such businesses in India. We recognized the colossal requisite for cultivating our employees’ innovative and creative potential to transcend the Company goals and their own roles in the company.

As you can see, all those companies promoting new ideas successfully believe that the way their ideas attain heights is directly proportional to aspects like teamwork, morale, trust, involvement, respect etc. When an employee feels that their ideas and thoughts are valued and accepted, their positive attitudes are boosted to fuel the creativity inside the company, which are engines of development.

Suyati strongly believes that the place where one works and the way he thinks are inextricably linked- a change in one affects the other. For whittling an environment where creativity and collaboration can be encouraged to the maximum, a few simple and effective changes can be practiced in your company. The 5 maneuvers Suyati found indispensable are;

  • The mindset needs change for reframing what you can’t, to what you can, and that too from the fewest resources. We never retreat from insurmountable infrastructure, but apply clever approaches to make the most out of what is available.
  • Focusing on some fundamental variables like, orientation of the employees (to each other), their mindsets and attitudes, interests, abilities and skills, and the ambience of the workspace.
  • Begin small, put into action and gain momentum. Always start with simple steps towards change, as they are the most effective and likely to be actually practiced. These help to make your case, for eventually influencing bigger changes.
  • Design for your company, not for some other people in some other world. Pay attention to your company space and the creative abilities of your employees.
  • Build your changes, implement the ideas and put in the creativity as soon as possible. Though affecting changes might seem to be a daunting task, once you set off the spark, it acts like a magnet to attract like-minded talent within the company and forms a beacon of possibilities.

At Suyati, we believe, our success is with our team, who has the creativity to not just hustle out ideas and out-gun competitors, but also has the ability to out-think and act!

Author : rramamurthy Date : 16 Apr 2012