The Gartner Symposium Blogs, Day 02 – Bringing in more cheers!

Day 2 opened with the keynotes mastered to perfection, by distinguished analysts John Mahoney, Partha Iyengar, Peter Sondergaard and Tom Scholtz. The session saw the entire audience held spellbound, as the speakers laid the foundation to initiating digitalization through business process, upgrading it to business models, and creating business moments. They also dwelt upon diverse topics like ‘The # Internet of Things‘, ‘Furniture as a service!!’, ‘#3d printing –# Marrying an analogue mechanical world with the Digital World to create a vision ahead’, and many more.

An example shared by Gartner’s Principal Research Analyst Asheesh Raina, at GartnerSYM, highlighting mobility as one of the endpoints for the Internet of Things.

As the day progressed, David Cearly started talking about ‘digitally remastering’ every industry to create sustainable revenues, giving an example am sure you wouldn’t have thought of – using a trash can to generate multitudes of data by having sensors to analyze traffic, generate revenue by displaying ads, and recording the reach by measuring the number of passerby’s! Anecdotes from history, tracing the failure of biggies, where 13,000 people are floored by companies like the 13-personnel Instagram perfectly illustrated the need for digital mastery and support from experts. But then, how to set it all up? To explain, Darryl Charlton provided a set of clear action points, to come up with a Nexus application Architecture that stresses on SOA, building an ecosystem of services, and enhancing it with mobility and cloud integration.

Chris Howard ended the day by providing some eye opening predictions on the disruptions we are looking at right now, or in the not so distant future. Some of the radical ones were: Our body becoming a hackable surface (An aftereffect of Bioprinting)!; Creating platforms through crowdsourcing; Growth of data exceeding protection technology growths, leading to massive declassification; Trading personal data for savings; And somewhere close to  a trillion things on the internet.

To sum up the day, I’d say that the move towards digitalization, mobility and cloud is here to stay. Sometimes, we have to disrupt our own model, lest our competitors do that and jump ahead

Just in case you missed out the first day. Read it here GartnerSym Day 1.

Author : Anoop George Date : 23 Oct 2013