Google launches a new Cloud Natural Language API

Cloud Natural Language API

Cloud Natural Language API is the latest addition to Google’s intelligent cloud developer tool kit. The service is aimed at helping developers create applications that understand human language.

The natural language API and Speech API are the two services in beta that Google has introduced. The former allows sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and syntax analysis and the latter is a pre-trained machine-learning API that takes in recorded voice clips and in return gives text back. Developers can put these applications together to build an app that can listen to a user’s voice and then understand what that person is saying.

Natural language processing allows to build intelligent assistants and chat bots. The API is based on the same research that Google used to create Parsey McParseface, an open source parser for English text that the company released earlier this year.

Pricing for using the Natural Language APIs depends on the services chosen and the number of records you plan to analyse. First 60 minutes of Cloud Speech API are available for free and after that, you will pay $0.006 per 15 seconds.

This news comes at a time when Microsoft has announced $3.1bn quarterly profits in its cloud computing unit. This launch is timed rightly as Microsoft, Amazon and IBM, are all in the race to launch intelligent capabilities in their public cloud platforms.

Author : admin Date : 21 Jul 2016