What happens when Freshers STEP into Suyati? A dream journey begins

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Is Suyati the best place to kick-start your career? Let’s talk to some freshers and find out.

The transition from being a carefree college student to a professional IT player can either be a laborious progress, or a walk in the park – depending on the company you join. Every year, Suyati goes to college campuses to recruit fresh graduate engineers (Freshers). Once they go through a technical test and interviews, and are selected, they are invited to join the STEP program at Suyati.

What is STEP?

The Suyati Technical Education Program (STEP) is the biggest hit among freshers who join Team Suyati. The STEP is carefully designed by the team at Suyati to impart both technical and business knowledge to trainees so that they are inducted into the professional world seamlessly. STEP, as many of them say, is the first step towards accomplishing a successful career.

But then, don’t take our word for it. Listen to what they have to say.

“After a long wait of two months post my campus interview, I was thrilled to receive a call from Neetha Varghese, HR Executive, Suyati Technologies. I remember my first day at Suyati very well when I walked into the office premises at Lulu Cyber Tower, Infopark, Kochi along with a batch of freshers who looked equally tense like me. I had butterflies in my stomach when Vincent sir addressed us for the first time. He walked us through the company history, gave us an account of the current happenings, infrastructure, and told us how Suyati grew up to be a successful company. After listening to him for a few minutes, I felt lighter and understood that my tensions are totally unnecessary. I looked around to see the reactions on my friends’ faces and they too appeared cheerful!”

                     -Midhun George, Software Developer Trainee

keerthi s nair

Here fun is serious business

How can someone have so much of fun while working hard to meet deadlines? This is what all freshers ask us often. Suyati’s experienced teams handle technical, soft skills and various other corporate training sessions, ensuring that the learning is mixed with a bit of fun. It is a class room atmosphere, but without the stress!

nabeel thalakkat

Most of the freshers whom we interviewed told us that the sessions on Oops, .NET, Open Source technologies, JavaScript, jQuery, Design, BA, and soft skills totally changed their approach towards learning. Delivering training sessions and running to meet client deadlines was a challenge for Suyati’s SMEs, but they are impeccable in multi-tasking!

asitha raju

“As we sow, shall we reap”, goes the adage. STEP is poised to make it easy for the freshers to grow from college rock stars to corporate shining stars.

We’re hiring!

Need more reasons to send your resume in to Suyati? Read this blog!

Convinced? Then hurry up and send your resume to careers@suyati.com today. Tell us your passions and aspirations, join a family of enthusiasts, and start your career’s dream journey.

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Author : Bhuvana Date : 16 May 2017