Dynamics 365 was a game changer in the CRM-ERP market by unifying the two into one solution that was packed with powerful analytical features. Being cloud-first, mobile-first makes it everyone’s favorite since it enables businesses to simplify and organize their processes and also automate repetitive tasks. Dynamics 365 mobile, as the name suggests, brings to the table some of the best CRM features that allow the users to interact with clients anytime and from anywhere.

In the era of digital communication, using the smartphone or tablet has become a way of life and consequently an inevitable part of the work-life too. It only makes sense to have our devices connected so that we’re not restricted to conventional desktops or even laptops. While the mobile feature of the Dynamics 365 is not new, Microsoft has kept it updated to remain in trend for the “work-on-the-move” generation.

A quick overview of Dynamics 365 mobile’s top features will help us see how it boosts the productivity of businesses while keeping the customers engaged and satisfied.

  1. A personalized hub:

Dynamics 365 Mobile provides a host of customization features that allows a user to have his/her own personalized activity hub. The everyday actionable items can be organized and tailored to be executed with precision and efficiency. In addition, one can create new tasks, build communication cards (as a handy aid to call or follow-up with clients), choose to get notifications via intelligent cards or smart cards (tasks prompted by BI analytics), and pin-up a list of recently accessed items for easy reference on the home screen.

  1. Easy and interactive interface: 

If you’re someone who handles various business modules like sales, marketing, the customer-service (on-field and off), then the Dynamics 365 mobile App will make juggling between these modules effortless and simple. The interface has been set up in a user-friendly manner that ensures that the transition is smooth and seamless across all devices. What’s more? All your data is integrated with commonly used Microsoft products like Office 365 and SharePoint to make data readily available and accessible from anywhere in the world.

  1. On-the-go Notes assistant

The mobile app is a boon to those who are always on the go and need to take down valuable notes even as they speak to a client. With Dynamics 365, you can create a note-in-line even when you’re within a form and pin it up. You can even use the camera to instantly add a relevant picture or screenshot or even a barcode as an image to your note for easy reference later.

  1. Offline sync-up facility:

A boon when the network is sketchy (not an uncommon phenomenon even in cities, right?) or there’s limited access to the Internet. The data, in this case, gets saved locally as drafts and is synced up whenever the connection is established. You can continue to work on the data even when offline. Dynamics 365 marks the fields that have a local as well as remote data. The user can choose to accept the one that’s relevant at the time of sync-up.

  1. Smart Assistant:

Dynamics 365 mobile app comes powered with AI. The user can track and store all the activities and interaction with customers and get intelligent notifications and suggestions based on the predictive analysis performed by the relationship assistant.

  1. A fresh appearance:

Dynamics 365 mobile App has introduced fresh layouts and colors that add to the visual experience. Also, the newer designs ensure that all your vital information stays on a single screen without the user having to repeatedly scroll and swipe. The forms and dashboard can be organized to have the relevant details available at a single glace. Additionally, the process bar is shown in a prominent manner. All of this adds up to a smoother experience and quicker tracking of events.

  1. Facility to work from anywhere

The Dynamics 365 mobile dashboards contain all the information a user needs – details of the most recent interaction with a client, sales information, the latest invoice, updated brochures, any pending customer requests and more. Data is literally available at a finger-tap on the home screen. Working-on-the-go has never been this simple and easy!

  1. Relevant Search: 

When the records run in multiple categories and in huge numbers, searching a particular entry can become painstaking and time-consuming. Not so with the mobile app of the Dynamics 365. By enabling the relevant search option, the user can search by category or by relevance. The user can sort the records in a grid view to locate a particular one easily.

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As technology gets smart, businesses need to get smarter. The mobile app for Dynamics 365 definitely takes up the efficiency quotient by notches with its in-trend features.

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05 Mar 2019
Author : Uma Chellappa