How does EPiServer Relate enable you in socializing your website?

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Conceived in 1994, EPiServer is a platform through which enterprises can integrate their digital commerce and virtual marketing. EPiServer aims at formulating original and authentic digital encounters for clients with tangible outcomes. EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud opens a holistic ground where commerce, prediction-oriented analytics, content, and multi-dimensional marketing are intertwined allowing an enterprise to execute its virtual life through a single window.


Previously known as EPiServer Community, Relate is EPiServer’s product for generating social websites under the following two categories: public and intranet. The main locus of social marketing have historically been Facebook and Twitter. However, an enterprise does not have dynamic control over the content it can present and the manner in which it can interact with its target audience. For this reason, enterprises have increasingly begun their transition into branded social communities. In the domain of branded social community, an enterprise can regulate the content and customize the experience of their customers. Presence of a branded social community can also direct the viewers into the brand website and extract greater visit footprints.


Communities are also created within the organization for transfer of information and data. This implies that the previously passive storage rooms of information are becoming animated rooms for analysis and insights within the branded social community. EPiServer Relate gears the life of your brand in social domain onto your hands by putting forward an all-encompassing CMS structure with inbuilt social platform. Such a platform will transform a stationary website into a vibrant community. This community will include dual feedback system with three main targets: clients, leads, and employees. Applied by over 125 thousand web-editors across the world, EPiServer Relate is the brainchild of many years of innovative hard work. It currently runs on EPiServer CMS 6 platform. Through EPiServer Relate, a public community can be represented virtually while a private community can be accommodated within the intra-net or extra-net. A website shifts into the mode of social space under the EPiServer Relate while a commerce site also finds virtual marketing and commercial activities integrated smoothly within the product.


The Relate Public Edition works as a dual online robot: it can extend your previous website through addition of social features or it can formulate a new social site. You can also use community templates to avoid delay in establishing social community.


Through the Relate Public Edition, your enterprise can:


Experience Sharing: Relate understands that words form a way of sharing experiences with your target audience and the farther your content reaches, greater will the experience of your product be shared. For this reason, social features can be added to all CMS sheets: tagging pages, commenting, and subscribing to the pages are some of the privileges the enterprise receives. Relate can also be brought in union with other social networking bases like Facebook, OpenID and Twitter.


Virtual Intimacy with Target Audience: EPiServer Relate is based on equations to understand needs of the customer. These formulas are executed through different channels of communication to know about your clients. The members have the following capacities: read and reply to blog-posts, get customer support through forums, put up comments on products, form profile pages (as on FB) and upload media (like audio-visual and pictures).


Multi-dimensional Communication: Relate Public Edition will help you set up different methods of communicating with the customers. These include: blogs, calendars, forums, and polls.


Trust-Building Tools: Members on the communities will have the rights to put in messages and warnings about unacceptable or offensive content. This will avoid the slippery slope of the content turning into a negative lens for your brand and direct you to remove the content immediately.


Setup Branded Social Community: The primal objective of EPiServer Relate was to hand the reigns of social brand into the power of the enterprise. You can determine the behavior of the social community in following ways: design and architecture of community page, marketing and developing of content to penetrate the brand onto customer interest, and regulating uploads.


Community Structuring: Depending upon the locus of intimacy (as colleagues, as companions, as editors, as writers), you can create open or closed groups which would allow for platform to discuss innovations and most recent updates of the domain.


Visitor-specific Optimization of Website: EPiServer Relate creates the profile of visitors entering your website using measures like: geographical location, virtual footprints (where has the visitor been previously?), designation and interests. This entails that the customer will receive mails from you personalized to their interests (targeted offers) and thus, your message will not move into ‘no-interest zone’. The transition of a visitor into a member of the brand can be executed by the placement of personalized ads, blogs, and other forms of content.


In-Depth Content Search: Using Relate, you can search through all the content available on your community, including contributory articles and posts of editors and guests to pin down data pertaining to a certain subject.


Keep Tab on your Virtual Life: One of the main problems that enterprises face while using online sources for forming leads is a lack of track record. Through Relate Public Edition, you will have at hand a chronology of your interaction with a lead amongst a dashboard of other virtual activities, with measurable units.


Social Mapping: Through EPiServer Relate, you can explore and connect with other members having similar inclinations. The Attribute System is used to create a Social Graph which can be scanned to sight such members and content.

Thus, under the EPiServer Relate operating on the EPiServer CMS, two layers of CMS Exhibition and Virtual Centre are embedded on a series of Relate elements (forums, members, blogs, profile, images and videos, and groups) accompanied by Activity Tracking and Syndication. You can personalize the community to your brand’s life-form using CMS, Newsletters, editorial content, and templates. The EPiServer anatomy forms the basis of this structure. In the Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, Gartner posited EPiServer as a leading service and product provider under the criteria of capacity to execute a holistic approach of vision.

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Author : Sahana Rajan Date : 20 Nov 2015