Flourish Your Sales with E-mail Marketing

Flourish Your Sales with E-mail Marketing

In sync with the technological developments, we label the present era as Digital Age, Information Age or Computer Age. Whatever label we may assign, it is an undeniable fact that online media has revolutionized all walks of our life and marketing is no exception. Marketing is flourishing by exploiting the infinite possibilities using online media. E-mail marketing is one of the most useful strategies used by the marketers in order to communicate with the consumers.

Basics of e-mail marketing

Digital marketing is thriving with the help of e-mails. A business owner must know the basics of e-mail marketing. In simple terms, e-mail marketing involves all kinds of business communication with the customers by means of e-mail. E-mail is an effective marketing tool as it can imprint the name of the organization in the mind of the consumer. It helps to communicate a message to a large number of customers and potential buyers at the same time. The seller can maintain a positive relationship with the potential customer which is essential for the advancement of an organization. It also helps the seller get knowledge about market preferences through customer feedback helping them address issues in the specific areas.

Types of e-mail marketing

There are different types of e-mail marketing strategies available. Following are some of the most common types.

  • Newsletters: Newsletters inform about the business news of an organization
  • Catalogue e-mails: These are online catalogues which describe about products
  • Survey e-mails: These are online questionnaires sent to improve sales
  • Invitational e-mails: Informal mails to remind about an upcoming event
  • Transactional e-mails: Mails sent just after a purchase to encourage future purchase
  • Promotional campaigns: These mails inform the customers about upcoming sales
  • Dedicated e-mails: The type of e-mail sent by most business organisations. These e-mails are devoted to a particular topic, be it a product that is to be launched, an announcement, or an upcoming event.


Merits of e-mail marketing

The benefits of e-mail marketing are innumerable.  If used in a right way, it can help in the advancement of businesses in many ways.

  • Cost-effective: It is one of the most striking benefits of e-mail marketing. Compared to traditional media like television, print or radio, cost involved in e-mail marketing is negligible. All you need is a registered e-mail id and the e-mail addresses of the customers and potential customers. E-mail is the cheapest medium for marketing.
  • Speed: While a television advertisement must wait for the time slot and none can be sure if the target consumer is actually watching it, an e-mail can be sent in the blink of an eye and to more specific customers.
  • Action-oriented: There is a higher chance that one who reads the mail will also click and visit the product website.
  • Faster feedback: E-mail communication has more probability of getting feedbacks from the customers. Again, it is hassle free for customers who can send the feedback in a click.
  • Global audience: E-mail communication opens the reach of any business with much ease to anywhere in the world.
  • Personalization: While a mail is sent to a specific consumer, they may feel that the organization has chosen to communicate with him/her alone.
  • Environment friendly: The marketing strategies like posters, billboards and flyers produce a lot of plastic or paper wastes. Some also use electricity to light up these boards. In that sense, e-mails are environment friendly.

Points to remember for e-mail marketers

Even though e-mail marketing is a simple marketing strategy, here are some general guidelines that one must know before giving it a try.

  • Authenticity: One of the major issues with the online media is its credibility. As there are a lot of chances of fraudulent activities on the online media, people will be suspicious about the authenticity of the e-mail communication. It is advisable to provide the letterhead of the company.
  • Subject-line: Subject-line is important in a formal e-mail communication. It should be clear, accurate and brief.
  • Give an opt-out option: Respecting the freedom of online consumers, it is essential for marketers to provide an option to unsubscribe at the end of an e-mail. They can choose that from our messages.

E-mail marketing software

E-mail marketing software are used to monitor the results of an e-mail marketing campaign. It helps to keep track of who has read the e-mail and who hasn’t. Zoho Campaigns, Campaign Monitor, RedCappi E-mail Marketing and G-Lock E-mail Marketing are some of the popular e-mail marketing software available. E-mail marketing software is inevitable in sales as they are the key to evaluate the success of an e-mail campaign.

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Author : Letterbug Date : 29 Jul 2016