How Mobile Apps bring shopping closer to customers

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Smartphones have indeed turned out to be the handiest gadgets of all time. They are changing the way people access the internet, make travel plans, and most importantly, shop!

Shopping apps are creating more opportunities than ever for customers to engage with online stores. Ain’t that good news for the retailers!

A simple “Welcome” and “Thank you for shopping with us” message on the customer’s phone as he enters and exits the store helps create a sense of loyalty.

Apps allow people to check for availability of products on the store, download mobile coupons that offer discounts on selected products, and know the best deals out there.

These apps also allow retailing giants to offer specialized discounts for their customers based on their current location, and their purchase history.

Another great feature of retail applications is the option to rate the store or product and give feedback to the store management via the app. This also doubles up as an immediate customer grievance center.

Smartphone retail apps are changing the shopping landscape significantly and if you wants to venture into this new age mobile shopping trend, then Suyati Technologies has the expertise to cater to your mobile application development needs.


Author : admin Date : 11 Oct 2012