How Salesforce Apps makes life easier for Enterprises

Salesforce apps

There is more to Salesforce than just being a CRM solution. Salesforce apps hold huge business prospects for enterprisess. Here is a list of Apps in Salesforce’s App Exchange that might prove useful for your business.

Email to Case Premium:

As far as agent productivity is concerned, this app is the most handy. It allows agents to respond to clients faster, when compared to traditional email responses.

Field Trip:

Keeping track of the fields that were created was difficult until this app made its debut. Field Trip allows administrators to identify newly created fields and their purposes. It also allows them to identify personnel who have limitations with creating fields as evident from their wrong selection of fields. Thus it helps them to make the necessary arrangements to educate them about the correct way to create fields.

Dupe Catcher:

Replication happens generally due to the repeated entry of the same file or record by peers as they do not know that it is already there. This is a handy tool that prevents the replication of files in storage.

Cloud9 Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management:

This app is vital in providing insights to sales managers so they have an idea of the sales pipeline which enables them to provide more accurate sales forecast.

Get Satisfaction:

This is a social media sentiment analysis tool which aggregates customer sentiments from Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media and brings it directly to the Salesforce environment. This helps in increasing sales as well as customer loyalty through apt responses to customer queries.

Thus in addition to providing a comprehensive CRM suite, Salesforce brings more convenience into the life of enterprises via its numerous apps. If you are interested in leveraging the benefits of Salesforce in your business, then you can always stop by at where our expert team of Salesforce consultants would assist you every step of the way.


Author : admin Date : 24 Oct 2012