How Salesforce becomes the most preferred CRM solution

Salesforce was founded with a vision to redefine the Cloud CRM model. It sowed the seeds for a new era of cloud computing and brought in revolutionary changes to the concept of Customer Relationship Management. The USP of Salesforce is its presence across-the-board. It competes with Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft in the top-market. While these three competitors match Salesforce’s features, Salesforce offers far superior and flexible solutions with value for your money.

Salesforce has carved a strong niche in all the three emerging hotspots of CRM technology:

  • Cloud
  • Mobility
  • Social integration

This Infographic covers major findings of research giants like Gartner and G2 Crowd, talks about Salesforce1 platform, Salesforce AppExchange, and also compares it with some of the titans in the field of CRM. Understand why it is the most preferred choice of CRM users.

Why Salesforce is the best CRM-updated

 Salesforce competes with Sage CRM, GoldMine, and RightNow in the mid-market segment, and with Zoho, Nimble, Highrise, Insightly, and other CRMs in the low-end segment. In both these segments, Salesforce’s unmatched flexibility ensures that it delivers a far superior offering and far superior value for money. Salesforce CRM embraces all areas of business including marketing, customer support, management, training, application integration, and more. Sustained growth, strategic acquisitions, streamlined vision and execution, highly diversified offerings, and the emergence of Salesforce1 platform makes it the most desirable and popular CRM solution. The global individual market share of Salesforce (18.4%) also makes it the most coveted solution. All these factors induce organizations to adopt it into their business. Customer engagement is the primary and key element for the future growth of any enterprise. With the provision of qualitative customer engagement experience, majority of the buyers recognize Salesforce as the most integral platform for rendering unmatched customer service.

Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 02 Nov 2015