5 benefits of Salesforce Lightning for your businesses

Retaining old clients and bringing in new customers is highly dependent on how a company interacts with its customers, on how the company shapes their experience (user experience). Over 50% of the customers would pay more for a better and smoother customer experience. However, less than 1% of companies are only capable of measuring their customer engagement currently. Why is customer engagement not driven as a priority or achieved in a company?

One of the main reasons why a company does not connect with its customers is because it does not gather and utilize customer data to gain insights and to launch customer engagement strategies accordingly. For engaging customers actively, companies have to place the customers at the core of their business.

Salesforce Lightning is a platform where a company can explore innovative ways for connecting with customers. The experience of every customer is tailor made to answer to their needs and to perceive the company as providing them amply. Beginning with revealing insights about your customer engagement, Salesforce Lightning is a complete package to revive and to launch an athletic customer engagement program.


How does Salesforce Lightning innovate to connect with customers? Here are the 5 ways!

1. Lightning Components: Quick App-Building

With Lightning Components, you can build an app in no time without the need for any codes. Components are the bricks that form the house of your app which couple with each other to create a new app. These components can also be used for improving the Salesforce performance. Thus, you don’t need to build an app from the scratch when it is ordered for appearance on another page or when a new device form factor is added in. Using the Lightning Components, developers or AppExchange partners can build the foundation of your app which you can customize to suit your company’s needs.

2. Lightning Ecosystem: Making the App Home to your Company!

As the name suggests, Lightning Ecosystem is an entire structure of tools and methods to build your app with high functionality. Apart from the time you will save (as there is no coding required), Lightning Ecosystem also allows the possibility of not compromising on the quality of your app. The components of Lightning Ecosystem are derived from reliable sources. Their rating and reviews are also gathered through experienced users. With every component which is added, the company can access powers which might have seemed undoable without developers previously. This helps to create an enriching customer experience and hence increase customer engagement.

3. Lightning Platform: Innovation through Components

For any company to engage with its customer, an app is essential today. With an app, you can interact with the customer personally (by creation of customer profiles and by providing customized responses) and generally. The outstanding feature of Lightning Platform is the drag-and-drop (D&D) library packed with customizable components. Standard and custom components can be organized along with AppExchange components to build the apps fast. This is made possible through Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component Framework.

4. Lightning Design System: Unify the user experience

How do you set your product/service apart from those of the market competitors’? By giving your customers a live-in experience of the product when they land on your app. Your product/service can become a life-long relation to your customer provided you can build an app which shows the silverlinings that bind your product. Lightning Design System is a How-To guide for engaging your customers with the company intimately. It gives you the power to build user-oriented components without codes.

You can build custom apps which sync with Salesforce main capacities without any need for reverse engineering. Access the core visual and interaction design patterns to produce a composite and reliable environment to the user experience.

5. Lightning Experience: An Engaging Face to your Company

The Lightning Experience was brainchild to mother of the necessity to create modern and coherent user experience and father of intelligent and polished design. Lightning was created with the target of mobile devices. Once the Salesforce mobile app as complete and the design framework was established, the desktop was also included within the experience and the design was employed across service, app design, sales and communities.

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Author : Sahana Rajan Date : 23 Jun 2016