How to deal with cloud security

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At a time when key business models of almost every major business enterprise are shifting to a cloud paradigm, it is vital to ensure the safety of cloud services with regards to the security of critical data.

Cloud Service Providers have undertaken stringent security policies to reassure the safety of your business models. Some of those measures include:

Intrusion Detection System:

Such detection systems continuously monitor the cloud network for potential risks such as unauthorised attempts to access data or processes taking place inside the cloud network. This also includes malicious activities as well as events where normal working policies are violated.

Security Information and Event Management Systems:

Such measures are undertaken to provide a continuous report generation of the activities taking place in a cloud network at each level. The gathered data is analysed after proper correlation and archival.

Security Firewalls:

Setting up a defensive firewall for a fully virtualised environment is really a challenge. But modern day cloud service providers have found ways to implement a distributed firewall system to safeguard the operation of their respective cloud network.

Industrial standards and certifications:

Most cloud service providers opt for ISO/IEC 27001certification, awarded only if the service provider follows a sufficient level of security and information security management standard.

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Author : admin Date : 15 Oct 2012