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Improve your Business using Work from salesforce

The success of an organization depends on many factors, and customer satisfaction is a well-recognized one.  Businesses now also understand that another important aspect of success is the satisfaction of the internal customer, i.e., their employee.  This could be one of the key factors to changing the face of any business, as satisfied employees could prove to be stepping stones to customer delight.

Employee satisfaction has been recognized as an important metric that must be monitored regularly by organizations. from Salesforce can help you align business goals with each team and employee, improve employee motivation and improve performance all the year around.  Here is a closer look at how it can help you improve your business:

Improve employee motivation: Sales employees face many challenges and could get demotivated due to the result-oriented and high-stress environment that they have to work in. helps provide continuous employee engagement and can improve motivation, all while staying within Salesforce, with these methods:

  1. Real-time feedback of closing rates and performance allows for an immediate response and turn-around wherever required. This ensures that employees are immediately made aware of good results as well as have an opportunity to improve quickly when required.
  2. Top performers can serve as a useful example to the entire team, and their methods can be studied and emulated easily due to the constant networking that is available among team members. Top sales tactics can also be shared and discussed within the organization, to help motivate employees and improve performance.
  3. Tangible rewards can be offered in the form of options like online shopping gift cards, and these would serve as good morale boosters among employees. These could also be extended to support teams like marketing, operations and support.
  4. A continuous reward and recognition system works to constantly motivate sales employees much better than a once-a-year arrangement that might miss out on some achievements over the time period.


Improve performance:  Aligning business goals with everyone in the organization and an efficient rewards program, which have been mentioned above, are definitely contributors to performance improvement. also offers other features that help in this area:

  1. A good coaching program based on measurable results can be easily created with, and this helps improve the performance of the entire sales team. Coaching can be aligned to business goals and can also be improved based on continuous feedback.
  2. Paperwork is considered the bane of every sales representative or manager, and this can now be minimized and achieved more efficiently by the reports offered by Salesforce
  3. 360-degree feedback and detailed performance summaries can be easily created through Such a measurement of performance could prove to be a valuable indicator of the steps required to further improve it as well.
  4. Performance goals can be aligned to a time-period such as a quarter, or even to a specific project. This flexibility allows continuous feedback rather than one based on a rigid annual basis.



Include everyone in the “big picture”: Especially in large organizations, a mismatch of business goals with those of every individual team member could be a big deterrent to good performance.  Sales personnel are often the first image of the organization that is portrayed to customers, and this makes it even more important that they are aligned with what the organization stands for.

  1. com can ensure that every employee is aware of the big picture, and this means that organizational goals filter down to the functioning of every employee.
  2. It allows better forecasting by managers, as they can see quantifiable results and improve coaching methodologies accordingly. This also helps achieve a much higher rate of consistency in the working of every team.
  3. com calibration and compliance can be configured according to the needs of your company. This means that the performance of every individual employee can be assessed and tailored according to the overall needs of the organization. enables you to leverage your investment in Salesforce, by working within the same environment to provide valuable features such as the above.   As your sales workforce gets more motivated and content in their work, while remaining completely aligned with business goals, you are sure to see a positive impact on the success of your organization.  Do go over to the Salesforce website to check out more information about!

Author : Aparna George Date : 26 Jun 2015