How to make Salesforce more Effective and appealing

SalesforceSalesforce provides a comprehensive solution that helps you streamline your business processes. But you can always add some extra punch to it by integrating it with existing business applications. The right integration of existing solutions in different departments with Salesforce can make it even more appealing.

Here are some examples:

Having your business accounting solutions as well as financial planning solutions such as SAP or FinancialForce integrated with Salesforce will provide a comprehensive outlook of product lines as well as customers. Account servicing becomes easier for the selling team once they track the payment and delivery of products to customers.

An advertising tracking application like Operative becomes important to your business as it delivers key insights on effectiveness of business promotion strategies. Clubbing it with Salesforce provides vital information such as actual sales delivery, advertisement details that are either processed or unprocessed, Variation in click density between actual and proposed figures and much more.

Since Salesforce provides a medium for inter organizational as well as intra organizational collaboration, there is always demand for greater storage capacity in order to share files and documents. Integration of common file hosting and sharing services like increases the storage capacity of Salesforce tremendously.

You can easily combine Salesforce with a business intelligence solution like Brist to get a deeper analysis report on the status of your business in all aspects. This would add more appeal to the reporting features of Salesforce.

Even if Salesforce is top notch in its features, it would underperform if your business data is outdated and hence a data quality enrichment services such as Trillium can help you deliver more accurate and enriched business data.

So with a little help from existing business tools, Salesforce can indeed become an enterprise wide management solution. If you believe that an effective business tool like Salesforce is what your business needs as a lifeline, then visit where our expert team of Salesforce consultants would strive to improve your business efficiency with the help of Salesforce.


Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 23 Oct 2012