How to retain IT customer delight- The golden rules



Surprising a customer by exceeding his or her expectations, and creating a positive emotional reaction that lingers forever – that’s Customer Delight. It can be showcased through a simple formula:

Customer Satisfaction = {Service Received – Expected Service} => Delighted OR Satisfied OR Dissatisfied

It’s easy if you have this formula; but it’s important to understand what the expectations of the client are. If you crack this, fantastic! Just get your service well ahead of this.

The magic ingredient

I would say that magic ingredient to customer delight is your consistent work. Consistent work always outperforms random act of bravery. For being consistent with your work, you need to be consistent with your actions, and consistent actions create consistent results.

 The Recipe

Here are some “ingredients” that you can throw in in equal proportion and deliver it to your client:

1.  Place yourself at the center

Get to know your client’s industry and company. This doesn’t mean you have to be an industry expert – but some amount of knowledge will help you speak the same language as your client. Understand the business pain points and offer solutions consistently. Eliminating your client’s concerns means they will prefer working with you.

2.   Identify the patterns

Once you complete the initial engagement period with your client, you will understand more about the questions they ask you and their area of interest. Use this learning to anticipate the questions even before they are asked. Everyone would love a brief write-up of work done weekly or monthly.

3.   Avoid surprises

Always deliver work in advance so that you have sufficient time for client review. Keep the client informed of any roadblocks or technical challenges that have come up and which may affect the project delivery. Don’t hide your challenges from the client and then regretfully surprise them with last minute bad news.

4.   Respond promptly

When you receive an email, acknowledge the receipt of the email as quickly as possible, even if you don’t have an answer they are looking for. An acknowledgement gives the client the comfort factor that you are working on it.

5.   Check on low priorities – Never forget

You have high chance of pushing low priority items infinitely. But clients are smart enough to track what’s on your plate. They may not hold you accountable, but it will create negative pressure on your relationship. Always keep a track of all pending tasks including low priorities. Try not to over promise; if you do, make sure you track it and deliver it.

6.   Be patient in building new relationships

Good relationships are something which come with time. Take time to get to know your client, and share little bit of yourself. But don’t ask too many personal questions or send friend requests on social media platforms. Most importantly, concentrate on your initial task list and make a quality delivery; end of the day, no amount of personal relation can be a substitute for great work.

7.    Keep in touch

Always try to keep in touch with your old clients and discuss the work you delivered and the feedback received. Also, talk about the changes happening with their company. This is the right time to send them a Facebook friend request.

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hebinHebin Jacob is a technology evangelist who has major interests in designing and formulating new innovative products. He has helped enterprise clients across the globe to find technical solutions for their business needs. If not on business, Hebin spends his time playing football with his 2 year old daughter.

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Author : Hebin Nellickal Jacob Date : 12 Apr 2016