How to think like a cloud architect

cloud architectWith cloud computing crawling into every sphere of modern day business scenarios, it is important for developers and managers to think from the point of view of a cloud architect to fully utilise and deploy a cloud based solution for any business. If you are wondering how to think like that, then here are some tips:

Think about and analyse every business requirement and form disparate solution components akin to jigsaw puzzle pieces and finally put them together to form the complete solution. This approach may take more time and effort as compared to a strategy that architects a complete solution initially but is sure to pay dividends later on.

Programming languages are important but with a cloud based system more focus should be on integrating applications using Application Programming Interfaces (API). The reason is because cloud computing lays emphasis on service delivery than plain application development.

A wiser option for a cloud architect is to utilize existing cloud applications built for various purposes rather than building a custom application from start. For example for a cloud based CRM, may be a good option. Of course, not without a cost benefit analysis!

It is often true that cloud service providers collect benchmarks such as your application’s code, data, performance etc. You need to measure these to decide what changes should be made to get better performance or decisions on how to economically trim down storage costs, etc.

Above points if kept in mind before planning your cloud environment will help avoid confusion in the future. Do let us know what other points you think need to be considered before migrating to the cloud.


Author : Anupama Nambiar Date : 05 Dec 2012