How can you use Salesforce Einstein AI to impact your customer interactions?

Today, CRM is all about data and business intelligence. Predictive analytics is crucial in managing and retaining customers. According to the Omnichannel Marketing Automation Statistics Report of 2019, businesses that automate workflows around customer behaviour and demographics will be more successful and productive. So how can you do this with Salesforce Einstein AI’s intelligence?

You can bring machine learning into the mix and really predict leads that will convert.

In other words, with Salesforce Einstein AI, you can do what every company dreams of doing – going beyond just sales and marketing, and actually apply cutting-edge AI to every customer interaction, whether you are a small or big company. 

What are the challenges Salesforce Einstein can resolve? 

Salesforce Einstein AI solves many critical challenges.

Easy to use: Everyone is daunted by AI and the truth is that AI is of no use for your company if it is not easy to use and integrate. Salesforce Einstein is easy to use because as soon as you bring data into Salesforce, it can be integrated with Einstein’s data models seamlessly. It also turbocharges customer experience in ways we thought were never possible. For example, Einstein can customize models for every customer.

Predict customer conversions and sales: Einstein is built to predict prospective sales and conversions. Apart from this, it is designed to use all forms of available data, including customer activity, emails, purchases, complaints, chatbot data, social data streams and even IoT signals. Einstein will mine this data and develop predictive models, so it goes beyond just data insight. With its data on customers, you don’t have to second guess their needs but can use what has or hasn’t worked in the past and fast-track redressals.

Help sales and marketing: Salesforce Einstein uses deep and machine learning to elevate customer service and in converting and retaining quality leads.  

How do we implement Salesforce Einstein AI? 

The beauty of Salesforce Einstein is that it is very easy to implement. There are both in-built features and out-of-the-box tools for each cloud service that can be integrated with marketing, sales, and customer service functions.

In other words, Salesforce Einstein automatically works on the data that you import to it and you get excellent business insight and predictive analysis. The best part is that the more you use it, the more watertight and intelligent the system becomes. The result? Smarter customer interactions, huge cost savings, more intelligent processes and faster delivery.  

When to start using Einstein AI? 

You should consider using Salesforce Einstein AI when you want:

  • Increase in lead conversion. Statistics point to a 2.35x increase when you use Einstein’s Lead Scoring.
  • Better customer service in the form of leads that are nurtured into conversions and more data analyses
  • Business intelligence to do your company’s heavy lifting.
  • Sophisticated and cutting-edge customer services such as recommending the right product to the right customer at the right time, or choosing the right channel.
  • To automate your workflow with the best possible technology that is out there.

Which industry does it benefit?

There are many businesses that benefit from the Salesforce Einstein AI. Banking, healthcare, and medical device companies benefit hugely, as do insurance, manufacturing, retail, life sciences, and the public sector.

In fact, any business that uses CRM extensively will benefit. In commercial banking, for instance, you can identify leads and use predictive customer analyses to prevent fraud. In insurance, you can use Salesforce Einstein AI to use data to find out what helps in customer retention and policyholder retention. The result? A solid 9.6% increase in conversion rates, a 15.5% increase in revenue and a 71% increase in open rates on product emails. 

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The biggest value of the Salesforce Einstein AI is its customer acquisition, retention and advocacy tools. It takes CRM, CMS and eCommerce to another level by using marketing automation and AI. It can truly help a business become an advocate for its customer in every sense of the term.   

There’s a reason why Salesforce is the hottest CRM in the market. Its suite of functionalities is perfect for customization and its intuitive data management capabilities remain unbeaten by other CRM platforms.

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28 Apr 2019
Author : Shweta Vijaykumar