HTML5 comes with opportunities for Innovation

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With smartphone costs on the decline and mobile networks getting better, the future of computing belongs to the mobile space.

A big problem with the mobile operating systems is the lack of any dominant standard. Dashing the hopes of any consolidation, the already fragmented OS market is getting even more fragmented, with the introduction of new OS by Mozilla and others. For the developer, this means replicating and testing apps across devices and OS, to ensure that they work as required.

In this context, HTML5 provides a refreshing alternative. HTML5 has evoked widespread curiosity and acceptance owing to its resilience. HTML5 allows running full-fledged apps from within the browser, regardless of the operation system. It suits any device and operating system, freeing the developer from reinventing the wheel many times over, to suit different specs.

However, the true power of HTML5 goes much beyond such resilience. HTML5 is a powerful standard that can use features such as cameras and accelerometers. HTML5 application automatically leverages device features through JavaScript interfaces. This provides developers with new capabilities, and plenty of scope for innovation.

For instance, banking apps can add another layer of authentication by photographing the user. HTML5 powered gaming apps can involve the participants in real-time, at a much deeper level than what is possible now. A real estate application can do likewise, using the camera and the GPS to provide property values. Barcodes scanned using the camera can provide product information. An application with interactive charting capability can display data in different formats such as pie charts, bar graphs, or more, as required. An offline tablet based learning application can sync and play rich media from an iPad. A mobile CRM app allow employees on the move to submit travel requests through their smartphones, and the supervisor to process the same likewise, doing away with the need to be tied to desktops.

The possibilities are endless. HTML5 has the potential to create an entirely new paradigm on the way we use data for mobile.


Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 25 May 2013