Chatbots are computer programs designed to carry on relevant and contextual dialogue with people. It assists people through text or voice. The Healthcare industry is one of the earliest and biggest adopters of chatbots.

Chatbots for Healthcare

After the disruption of eCommerce, Chatbots are making healthcare easier for millions of people around the world. Strengthening the accessibility of quality healthcare in remote areas and in emergency situations has been one of the biggest feats of Healthcare Chatbots.

While still in its emergence, the AI-based chatbot technology for healthcare has made a strong stir in various parts of the globe. Operations requiring Preliminary information, self-care advice, emergency medical care instructions, etc.are being performed successfully for many people in need.

Many bot applications are even proficient enough to diagnose medical conditions for patients based on their symptoms, which should not be made equivalent to a diagnostic test yet but it is a big leap forward and can be helpful for doctors as well as patients in prompting them to seek medical advice.

20 May 2019
Author : Nayab Naseer