Indian IT-BPO sector to grow by 19% in 2011

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India’s IT-BPO sector is all set to create history in 2011. After 2 years of sluggish growth, and “love me-hate me” relationship with its clients, the IT-BPO sector in India is seeing tremendous growth opportunities this year, says Nasscom President Som Mittal. And the reason? A paradigm shift in the way companies all over the world think about outsourcing to India.

“Customers are looking at India more and more as a strategic partner in specific business areas to drive productivity gains and business outcomes. Factors including domain expertise, process excellence, the ability to leverage technology to enhance operating efficiencies, greater scalability are becoming paramount…. and a major differentiating factor among companies. India is a front runner in imbibing these multipliers into its value proposition, becoming a formidable force in the global sourcing landscape…” – Som Mittal, NASSCOM President.

The IT-BPO sector in India contributes 6.4% of India’s GDP, 14% of its exports, and 10% of its service sector revenues. With a global presence in 52 countries and 500+ global delivery centers, this sector is changing India’s landscape. 58% of its workforce is in Tier II/III cities, and 74% of its employees are less than 30 years. With 19% growth projected for 2011, the Indian IT-BPO sector will rejuvenate the country’s education, infrastructure, employment, R&D, and support services industries. With a vengeance!

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Source: NASSCOM research report

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Author : rramamurthy Date : 02 Jun 2011