Comparison of .NET CMS – Sitecore Vs Umbraco Vs Kentiko Vs Sitefinity Vs Ektron

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With a large proportion of companies already having some .NET application or the other, getting a .NET CMS makes big business sense for many. What’s more, there are a host of top notch .NET CMS that serve a variety of corporate needs. The trick is to pick the one that’s a best fit for your needs. But if the wide array of features leave you confused, relax. Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the best .NET CMS, compared for costs, system requirements, security, support, ease of use, performance, management, compliances, flexibility, built-in applications and Ecommerce features. So go on, take your pick: Sitecore 7.0 Vs Umbraco 7 Vs Kentiko 8.1 Vs Sitefinity 5.0 Vs Ektron 9

dotnet cms comparison infographic

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Anton Hristov (2 years ago)

This is a good comparison and I just want to point out that Sitefinity has significantly evolved since version 5.0, which was released in March 2012. The latest Sitefinity version is 7.3 and it was released in December 2014. Sitefinity has always supported following databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. See the system requirements: Kerberos Authentication is supported by Sitefinity. See this article: Sitefinity 7.2 introduced a complete system audit trail feature, which keeps login history for backend logins (see release timeline: Commercial Support is included with every Sitefinity license and there’s a free training session included with Enterprise licenses. Sitefinity 7.1 introduced an awesome recycle bin (trash) feature. See release timeline: Also, for e-commerce Sitefinity has great SEO functionality with SEO-friendly product urls, localization of urls and product descriptions, and the respective SEO meta data. It would be great if you can update the infographic to take this information into account.

Terry Clancy (2 years ago)

With Umbraco you can use MySQL **OR** SQL Server

Thomas (2 years ago)

WOW - Kentico is the clear winner. Not what I expected.

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