Drupal Vs wordpress Vs Joomla : Which one is better infographic comparision

With Open Source Software gaining ground by the day, its no surprise that such CMS are the most popular by far. But, for those confused about which one is the best, we present a comprehensive comparison of the top 3 open source software. They’re compared based on factors like costs, system requirements, security, support, ease of use, performance, management, compliances, flexibility, built-in applications and Ecommerce features. So, for once we’re not voicing our opinion, but laying all the possible facts on the table – so you can take an informed decision on which CMS will suit your needs best. Here it is: Joomla 3.3.6 Vs Drupal 7.12 Vs Wordpress 4.3

Infographics Open Source CMS comparison

Author : admin Date : 29 Jan 2015