Enterprise Mobility – (R)evolution of Biblical Proportions

This Christmas, we showcase the evolution of Enterprise Mobility. So, planning to herald this revolution in your enterprise? This festive season, there’s no better gift you can give your employees. Nor is there a better way to becoming a leaner, meaner company in 2014.

enterprise mobility infographic

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enterprise mobility infographic

Enterprise mobility is the pattern towards a shift in people’s work habits, with more of the workforce working outside the office by using mobile devices, cloud services and others to perform their routine business tasks. This term refers also to the mobility of corporate data and not just mobile workers and mobile devices. A corporate presentation can be uploaded by an employee from his or her desktop PC to any cloud storage device. This can then be accessed from a personal iPad to present at a client site, for example.

Along with improving employee productivity, enterprise mobility can also create security risks. IT departments use enterprise mobility management products like data loss prevention technologies etc to address and counter these risks. What can also contribute to a successful enterprise mobility strategy is a strong usage policy for employees.

The complexity of Enterprise mobility is immense, and it involves everything from the latest smartphones and wireless services to handheld devices and the latest in computing architectures. Any IT department would have a major challenge in keeping tabs on the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer.

Managed services usually come in many shapes and forms, but any of these managed services are usually designed to accept responsibility for any aspect of certain functions that are commonly managed in house by an IT department. As a result, it is expected of managers to be on the lookout for identical features or capabilities in any service that may be offered. Our infographic discusses those capabilities in greater depth.

Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 16 Dec 2013