ABCD—Anybody Can Dance. We did and we won!

Yes! We won! We really did! And to be honest, we are indeed the best example of ‘ABCD—Anybody Can Dance’. If you ask me the open secret behind our success, I would say, “Put your heart into the things you do and you’ll definitely shine.” And shine we did, at UST Global Infotsav-14, an inter-company dance contest held on 9 October 2014. We, Suyatians, a team of eight dancers, promised to put in our 110% into it and we were adjudged the runners-up. What a moment of immense joy and pride!

When I look back, things seem easier. But the team had to sacrifice enormously to accomplish this victory—from quality time with family to fun and frolic with friends—each one of us had to give up on our weekends, holidays, pleasure trips and even those first day first shows. But it was all worth it! All that matters now is that we won. We started out as amateurs, and we ended as winners.


The best thing about people here at Suyati Technologies is that they will believe in you. It doesn’t matter whether you are going in for training, conducting a webinar, attending a prestigious event like Dreamforce, or planning to take on the dance floor. They will ensure that their enthusiasm becomes your energy, their motivation becomes your spirit, and their dreams become yours to follow.

There was a moment of doubt, of course. That’s when our HR Director, Vincent, came to our rescue. He pushed us to participate because he believed we had it in us. That set the ball rolling.

For Jaseem, our team captain, it was a herculean task to find eight dancers. He insisted on enrolling only those who were really passionate about dance and the event. I still remember the very first week of practice, when it took almost two days for us to learn the first step. The whole of the first week was a total disappointment. But we focused on getting through the prelims; which we did, thanks to the team’s combined hard work and dedication.

Although small, this victory that took us a step closer to the big event had our adrenaline pumping. Our practice sessions became more intense. We made it a point to practice only after office hours as we did not want our work to be affected. Here’s where I’d like to thank Vinod and team for ensuring we got home safely every single night. Muktha, our team manager, was a huge support too, driving us with her encouraging words.

I’d like to dedicate our final victory at this dance competition to Abhilash Sir and his team from Zapteado dance academy. They made our dream come true. We salute him for his unwavering commitment and sincerity, and his belief in us. He made us repeat each step until it became perfect. His dance school was more of a second home for us during holidays, when practice sessions were held from 8AM to 9PM.


infotsav winning team suyati
The welcome we got at Suyati after the event was a lot more exhilarating than what we had expected—cash prize, yummy buffet and a half day leave had us grinning from ear to ear. Even though it was the eight-member team that danced their way to victory, the spirit and limelight of the success was enjoyed by each and every Suyatian—after all they were living their dreams through us.

Author : Jeena Maggie James Date : 14 Oct 2014