Innovation in your application development: in Spain and beyond!

In our previous blog we commented on the latest trend in IT – CIOs start building their own custom software instead of buying or sourcing them from the cloud. In spite of the availability of more economical and ready-made/packaged business apps in the cloud, or Enterprise wide comprehensive solutions, businesses still think that the best way to establish a competitive edge is to create innovative software.

As the most favored destination for outsourcing for 59% of the CIOs, India certainly has a lot to offer the discerning CIO who is concerned with aligning their IT applications to critical business needs.  And at Suyati Technologies, our Dedicated Global Team (DGT) model helps our clients achieve competitive advantage by trying to articulate innovation and translating it into robust applications. By its very nature, DGT makes sure that any concerns you may have about outsourcing – IP security, inter cultural communication issues and flexibility in the velocity of application delivery – is taken care of. This is especially beneficial when you need to complete small, time bound projects economically. Our on-time delivery, transparent cost structure and competent project and process management is helping our DGT and Suyati build long lasting relationships with clients all around the world. Including Spain.

Our Spanish client wanted a flexible project team for key R&D+i and IT applications development functions.  DGT believes in transparency and our contract with the Spanish client was no different. From the time we signed off the contract, hired a team in record 2 weeks, put together a project plan, and executed it to perfection, to the time we moved on to bigger projects as their trusted partner, we ensured the client became extremely comfortable with the outsourced team.

According to our client’s CEO, “Suyati was able to assemble a competent team of software engineers and architects with the skills we required in multiple areas including open source and mobile programming very quickly. The team had a great attitude and worked closely with us on many development sprints to deliver quality software. We are thrilled with the effort and support from the Suyati team and we are rapidly broadening our relationship with Suyati in diversified technology areas..”

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Author : Team Suyati Date : 07 Nov 2011