Intel and Microsoft comes together to launch a VR/AR headset

microsoft and intel

Intel announced Project Alloy, a standalone ‘merged reality’ VR headset. The company exhibited a headset with a combination of AR/VR, that’s completely self-contained with its own CPU, battery, and processor, with integrated cameras and a ‘merged’ reality mode. For this merged reality, Intel is collaborating with Microsoft for its software.

Microsoft’s Holographic platform will be available for Project Alloy. Next year onwards, all Windows 10 PCs will have the opportunity to work in ‘merged reality’ mode, if they have a separate headset (either HoloLens or Project Alloy).

“Anyone can take Alloy hardware, combine it with Windows Holographic, and build a world-class VR system,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich informed the gathering at IDF.

Project Alloy claims to pack a great deal of horsepower into a small space but one has to wait and watch if any current generation chip is powerful enough to drive high-end gaming VR/AR experience through a headset.

HTC’s Vive and the Oculus Rift are others brand vying for a space in VR market but the expectation from HoloLens and Project Alloy is a lot more. Read more.

Author : admin Date : 22 Aug 2016