Interactive Service Hub – Dashboards in MS Dynamics 2016


Our last blog on MS Dynamics 2016 saw the new client side features that help you to create a unique user experience and make it more interactive while data is entered into the CRM forms. In this piece, we will make you walk through the Interactive Service Hub- Dashboards.

Interactive Service Hub feature is more like a mini-interactive version of Dynamics CRM. It has forms for each entities available which include chats, dashboards, quick create, and advance find. Since this feature is more interactive, users will find it more engaging and easy to use (the forms and charts available).The most interesting part of this feature is the interactive dashboards.

Mainly there are two types of dashboards available by default:

Tier 1:   Recent activities and created records are listed.

For example, Active Cases, My Active Cases, My Resolved Cases, My Draft Emails, My Received Emails, My Tasks, All Queues come under the default timeline filter “this week.” This is illustrated in the screenshot below.


Tier 2:  Dashboard stream is just Active Cases. Tier 2 will appear as shown below.



Elements of the dashboard are:

  • Display area for the charts and the lists
  • Visual Filter Flyout: Present in tier one type and used to include charts
  • Global Filter Flyout: Present in both tier 1 and tier 2 and is used to filter data according to the conditions





The record details are fetched according to the filter criteria after analyzing the charts and the lists made by the CRM itself.

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About the author:

Anusree Vijayan


Anusree Vijayan is currently working as a Software Developer at Suyati Technologies. She is part of the MS Dynamics CRM team at Suyati. Anusree holds a certification in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Configuration. She is proficient in MS Dynamics CRM, and ASP.NET platforms. She loves watching movies and reading fictions. Besides, she loves exploring technologies. 



Author : Anusree Vijayan Date : 22 Mar 2016